Frequently-Asked Questions 

HSMN can offer you two excellent options, depending upon your situation:

 If you have an immediate need for Independent Reps, your best option by far is to download the RepFinder USA app for iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store (Android version coming soon). With the RepFinder USA app, a medical manufacturer can identify, evaluate and contact qualified ISRs and Distributors across the USA - much more quickly and efficiently than traditional recruiting, and at a tiny fraction of the cost. RepFinder USA profiles provide detailed information about each Rep, for example, Company Description, Sales Territories, Clinical Call Points, Special Expertise and Product Lines carried (currently as well as past experience). Of course, detailed contact information is also provided, with in-app text message, Email and phone capability. You can reach out directly to any Rep whose profile looks appropriate, and discuss the opportunity directly with them. RepFinder USA's most important feature is the service itself: ISR/Distributor profiles are updated continuously, with frequent (usually daily) updates. The app is free to download and evaluate; access to the complete resource with Rep names, contact info and continuous updates requires a subscription purchased within the app.

 If your need for Independent Reps is not urgent, HSMN also offers a less direct option: you may use our Independent Sales Representatives and Distributors Forum to post your product line opportunity. A basic individual HSMN membership is all that's required. Many ISRs and Distributors visit the forum regularly, and if your opportunity catches the eye of an appropriately-qualified Rep, they will get in touch with you. It will likely take a bit longer to find your Reps this way, compared to using RepFinder USA, but if you have some time this method will work for you.

Yes! The Healthcare Sales & Marketing Network (HSMN) has been connecting medical sales & marketing professionals since 1998. Our RepFinder USA app for iPhone and iPad makes it possible for medical manufacturers and service providers to quickly locate Independent Sales Representatives with the appropriate experience and call patterns.

Just follow these steps: If you aren't a member of HSMN yet, join us! Then, activate your ISR Profile, fill it out, and contact us to review your eligibility for RepFinder USA. Once your Profile has been added to the app, you'll be contacted directly by manufacturers with the types of new product lines you're looking for.

If you are already a member of HSMN, just click Activate Rep Profile, located under the MEMBERS menu, and provide the requested info. After your activation request has been processed, you'll be able to edit your ISR / Distributor Profile whenever you like. Once your profile has been created, contact us to review your eligibility for the RepFinder app.

HSMN membership is required to post a new thread in the forums. Non-members may post replies to the original poster (OP) on existing threads.

No difference at all. Independent Sales Representative, ISR, Manufacturer's Rep and 1099 Rep are all independent, non-employee sales agents.

The NewsFeed search engine will find stories containing words, phrases or fragments EXACTLY as entered. Do not use commas or other characters to separate multiple words. For example, the search term Baxter Healthcare will only match a news item if that item contains the exact phrase Baxter Healthcare, while the search term Baxter will match Baxter, Baxter Healthcare, Baxter Inc., etc. Likewise, coronary stents will only match coronary stents, while coronary stent will match coronary stent, coronary stents or coronary stenting.

Press Releases may be submitted by E-mail to:

industrynews {at}

Be sure to include the words "News Release" in the subject line, and also provide your contact information for verification purposes. Release may be submitted in either plain text (.txt) or MS Word (.doc or .docx) format. Please note that our news editors make the final determination regarding eligibility of releases for inclusion in the NewsFeeds.

No. Rep profiles are never displayed on the HSMN website. With your prior authorization, however, some information from your profile may be displayed to manufacturers seeking representation via the RepFinder USA mobile app.

Sure. To request a password change, click Change Password (under the MEMBERS dropdown menu), or just click here.

Since its founding in 1998, The Healthcare Sales & Marketing Network (HSMN) has been the go-to resource for connecting medical sales & marketing professionals. Our deep healthcare industry relationships provide us new contacts and information every day.

Sorry, no. HSMN's Rep Profiles are only available via the RepFinder USA app (available now on the Apple App Store and coming soon for the Android platform). In fact, it is the additional security and confidentiality of the mobile app that makes it possible for us to provide richly-detailed profiles without compromising ISR privacy or exposing proprietary information online.

Much less than you think, and a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting! The current subscription prices and options can be found in the app itself. To get the app on your device, visit the Apple App Store and search for RepFinder USA.

Not yet, but very soon! The international version of the RepFinder app is currently in development - check back soon for updates.

The Android version is currently in development - check back soon for updates.

If you have backed up or synced your previous device using iTunes or iCloud, restoring from the backup to your new iPhone should restore the RepFinder USA app and your purchased subscription.

If not, then download the RepFinder USA app from the App Store again and use the Restore Purchase function under the Subscription tab: just enter the Email Address and password associated with your RepFinder USA account and all should be well.

If you need assistance, Email us or give us a call. We'll take care of you.

That's an easy one. Swipe left!

A RepFinder USA subscription is an ongoing service with frequent (usually daily) Rep updates throughout the term of your subscription. Please turn on push notifications for the RepFinder USA app in your device settings to make sure you never miss an update. When dealing with a difficult-to-fill territory or exotic specialty, the contents of a single update can make all the difference.

RepFinder USA - Find Great Medical Independent Sales Reps without recruiter or finder's fees.RepFinder USA - available on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad.