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RepFinder FAQs

Does RepFinder work with iOS 10?
Yes, RepFinder USA version 1.4 or later is fully compatible with iOS 10.

How often do I get Rep updates?
RepFinder is an ongoing service with frequent (usually daily) Rep updates. Please turn on push notifications for the RepFinder app in your device settings to make sure you never miss an update. When dealing with a difficult-to-fill territory or exotic specialty, the contents of a single update can make all the difference. Whenever a red "badge" indicates that an update is available, tap the Updates tab at the bottom of the screen, then tap Get Rep Updates.

Can I use RepFinder on all my iOS devices?
Yes! We recommend that you enable iCloud in your device settings, as this is a simple way to access your RepFinder subscription on all your iOS devices. You may also access your subscription on a new or additional iPhone or iPad by using the Restore Purchase function under the Subscription tab.

I just upgraded to a new iPhone. How do I access my subscription?
If you have backed up or synced your previous device using iTunes or iCloud, restoring from the backup to your new iPhone should restore the RepFinder app and your purchased subscription. If not, then download the RepFinder app from the iTunes Store again and use the Restore Purchase function under the Subscription tab: just enter the Email Address and password associated with your RepFinder account and all should be well. If you need assistance, Email us or give us a call. We'll take care of you.

I need to use a different credit card to purchase my RepFinder subscription through the App Store. How do I do that?
That's very easy to do, just follow these steps: In the Settings on your device, scroll down to "iTunes & App Store". Tap on your Apple ID, then select "View Apple ID". Tap "Payment Information" and enter the information for the credit card you wish to use. Now go back to the RepFinder app and purchase your subscription. To switch back to your original credit card, just return to your device Settings and repeat the process.

Does HSMN endorse or recommend RepFinder Reps?
No. The Healthcare Sales & Marketing Network is in constant communication with ISRs and Distributors, and we work hard to verify and update all information in their RepFinder profiles. Only YOU can decide if a particular Rep is a good fit for your company and products.

How many Reps can I expect to find in RepFinder for my specific product?
Each situation is unique, but we have found while building many sales teams over the years that most share a few common features.

First, remember that most products will fit a number of different Rep call patterns. For example, a surgical device is obviously a good fit for a Rep whose Profile mentions the call point, General Surgery. However, equally-qualified Reps might also be found by searching additional call points, for example, O.R., Central SPD, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedic, Trauma or even Disposables.

Secondly, keep in mind that for many Reps, adding an additional stop while visiting a hospital or medical office complex, is not an inconvenience - it's an opportunity. If a particular Rep Profile catches your eye, but doesn't seem on the surface to be the closest fit because of the listed call points or geography, contact them anyway! If your product line represents an attractive opportunity, more often than not, an experienced Rep will seriously consider it and eagerly devote resources to selling it.

Finally, don't forget that RepFinder is an ongoing service with frequent (usually daily) updates. Today's update just might lead you to that perfect fit.

How does HSMN locate so many qualified Independent Medical Reps?
Since its founding in 1998, The Healthcare Sales & Marketing Network (HSMN) has been the go-to resource for connecting medical sales & marketing professionals. Our deep healthcare industry relationships provide us new contacts and information every day. With the introduction of the RepFinder app for iPhone and iPad, medical manufacturers can now hold this rich and continuously-updated collection of Independent Sales Reps and Distributors in the palm of their hand.

How do I delete a Saved Rep?
That's an easy one. Swipe left!

Privacy Policy:
Our privacy policy is very simple: We ask for your Email address only to identify your order and restore your subscription if you replace your device or add another device. Your Email address will never be shared with anyone for any reason.

Comments and Suggestions:
We want to hear from you! Please do tell us what you think, and how we can continue to improve the RepFinder service!

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