Healthcare Sales & Marketing. The name says it all. The first ever e-magazine dedicated exclusively to healthcare sales & marketing professionals across all sectors. HS&M will be covering the whole industry in all its glory. Pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices and diagnostics. Product lifecycle, from conception to launch. Surgeon to HCP to DTC. All specialties and product types. And all of it will be informed by our main platform: who is succeeding and why, what is impacting the industry, and how sales and marketing work individually and together to strategize, communicate and move that success line on the graph. No exceptions, no exclusions.

HS&M will highlight major movers in the industry, spotlight cutting-edge companies, feature visionary thinking and acting, and provide a wealth of digital material: links, graphics, video, whatever enhances and informs the basic content and keeps you up-to-the-minute.

To do that, we've assembled an editorial board and team of contributors who are leaders - people who know your territory and live your lives. We are proud to include Kristen Sharron-Albright, Head of Marketing at Noven Pharmaceuticals, Chris Bergstrom, Chief Strategy & Commercial Officer at WellDoc, Sebby Borriello, VP of Sales & Marketing at Mentor Worldwide LLC, Lewis Chapman, VP of Global Marketing at BioMarin, Nick Gurreri, formerly Senior VP at Insmed Inc., and Bob Roda, VP and General Manager at BD as our founding editorial board members.

HS&M was created by a joint venture between Jacobs Management Group (a seasoned healthcare recruiting organization), The Healthcare Sales & Marketing Network® (the leading website for healthcare sales & marketing professionals), healthcare industry experts and a 25-year custom publishing industry veteran, bringing the best of all worlds together to actively discuss our changing industry.

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