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NewLines APP FAQs

How does NewLines work?
NewLines is super easy to use. After registering your account, tap the "LINES" tab anytime to see what sales opportunities are available. If you're interested in talking with the client company offering an opportunity, just tap "Thumbs Up!". If an opportunity is not in your wheelhouse, tap "Thumbs Down" and we won't show you that opportunity again. That's all there is to it!

If I say "Thumbs Up" to a potential line, am I under any obligation to take on that line?
No! "Thumbs Up" only means you're willing to take their call and discuss the opportunity. Beyond that, no obligation at all.

How can I find out if my Rep Profile is up-to-date?
Your Rep Profile is needed to communicate your interest in a product line opportunity to the company offering that opportunity. You may check your Profile status or update your profile by calling HSMN at 610 356-1067.

Does NewLines work with iOS and Android devices?
Yes! The Newlines app is available for iOS and Android devices. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for "newlines".

Can I use NewLines on all my devices?
Yes! You may access your account on a new or additional iPhone or iPad by using the Restore Account function under the SETTINGS tab. For Android, just enter your Email address and password under the SETTINGS tab.

I just upgraded to a new device. How do I access my NewLines account?
For iOS, download the NewLines app from the App Store and use the Restore Account function under the SETTINGS tab. For Android, download from the Google Play Store and just enter the Email Address and password associated with your NewLines account and all should be well. If you need assistance, Email us or give us a call. We'll take care of you.

How does HSMN locate so many new product line opportunities?
Since its founding in 1998, The Healthcare Sales & Marketing Network (HSMN) has been the go-to resource for connecting medical sales & marketing professionals. Our deep healthcare industry relationships continue to provide us new opportunities for Independent Medical Sales Reps and Distributors, each and every day.

Privacy Policy:
Our privacy policy is very simple: We ask for your Email address only to enable (with your authorization) contact between you and companies offering product line opportunities, and to restore your account if you replace your device or add another device. Your Email address will never be shared with anyone else for any reason.

Comments and Suggestions:
We want to hear from you! Please do tell us what you think, and how we can continue to improve the NewLines service!

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Phone: 1 610-356-1067

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