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 News Release - June 22, 2010

Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies Launched To Harness Discovery of Brain Temperature Tunnel(TM)

Company Has Raised More Than $4 Million in Funding

HAMDEN, Conn.--(HSMN NewsFeed)--Based on the groundbreaking discovery by Yale researcher Dr. Marc Abreu of the Brain Temperature Tunnel™ (BTT™), Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies Corp. (BTT Corp.) has developed revolutionary technology that promises to transform human temperature measurement. Offering the key advancement in modern thermometry in 300 years -- the first noninvasive monitoring methodology -- BTT Corp. enables internal body temperature to be measured continuously from outside the body for the first time in history.

The company has already received more than $4 million in funding from private investors.

“We are enthusiastic about the growth of our company with the scheduled launch of both diagnostic and therapeutic product lines,” said Rick Foreman, Chief Executive Officer of BTT Corp. “We appreciate the strong endorsement of our investors as we take our company to the next level of technological innovation in core and body temperature measurement.”

As the first company to bring together both diagnostic and therapeutic technology based on a biological discovery, BTT Corp. promises to provide unprecedented life-enhancing benefits for humanity across the fields of medicine, the military, sports, lifestyle, the workplace and even family planning.

“BTT Corp. uniquely harnesses the best of biology to create the best of technology, helping to set a new standard in health care by improving care in hospital wards, emergency rooms, operating rooms, doctors’ offices, ambulances and family homes,” said Foreman.

The immediate applications and opportunities are far-reaching and widespread, impacting virtually every aspect of life -- from the time of birth (detection of ovulation), through sickness (from diagnosing fever, Alzheimer’s, sleep disorders and other diseases) and in health (from preventing heat stroke to improving safety and athletic performance). Additionally, the noninvasive monitoring of brain temperature through the BTT may be increasingly important for brain protection and maintenance of thermoregulation in light of the possible increased risk for heatstroke as a potential consequence of global warming and military conflicts in desert regions.

Disruptive Technology

A technological innovator that will revolutionize the clinical thermometry standard and render invasive catheters and predictive thermometers obsolete, BTT Corp. is developing an unmatched portfolio of proprietary products, including Dr. Abreu's revolutionary BTT product line — both diagnostic and therapeutic. The platform is powered by combining unparalleled innovation with the most advanced sensing systems, hardware and software to provide revolutionary solutions to improve the quality of life in a universal fashion around the world.

At the foundation of this platform is the most valuable and rarest kind of patent issued by the U.S. Patent Office – a biological patent for the discovery of the BTT and the engineering developed to harness the monitoring and therapeutic capabilities of the BTT. In addition, the company’s technologies are protected by a multi-million dollar investment in patents worldwide, with more than 60 patents and patent applications in the U.S. and in more than 40 other countries — representing 85% of the world's purchasing power.

Ushering in 21st Century Healthcare

The BTT systems address some of the most prevalent public health problems currently facing the world today, such as hospital infection, the shortage of nurses, decreased blood supply and increased health care costs. At the same time, BTT technologies provide the answers to some of today's most important professional, military and athletic needs.

“BTT Corp. will help create the healthcare standards of the 21st century by providing better care at lower cost,” said Dr. Abreu.

The company’s products promise to save lives by decreasing the spread of hospital-acquired infections, which cause nearly 100,000 U.S. patient deaths annually, preventing surgical and neurological complications as well as enabling the timely detection of infectious diseases, like H1N1 swine flu.

BTT Corp.’s products also promise to save money by eliminating unnecessary hospital tests and reducing the estimated 2 billion times each year that U.S. hospital nurses check patients’ temperature. By detecting spikes in infections earlier, the cost of treatment can be reduced and the performance of drug therapies can be improved (the earlier the treatment, the more effective it is) and with better, earlier treatment, the length of hospital stays can be reduced.

At the same time, patient care and comfort can be improved. Patient temperature can be monitored from the nurse’s station, and middle-of-the-night temperature checks can be eliminated with continuous, automated and labor-free monitoring, uniquely provided by BTT Corp.

Finally, BTT Corp.’s products are designed to be “greener,” relying on a reusable sensor with much lower price per usage that will reduce medical waste and healthcare costs.

BTT Corp. may also benefit poor and marginalized populations that are affected by tropical infectious diseases by offering an accurate, easy-of-use, cost-effective and hygienic method for assessing fever while expediting drug development with an objective assessment of therapeutic efficacy. In this manner, the BTT discovery and innovation can bring a benefit to society at large, from the villages of economically challenged countries suffering from infectious diseases to industrialized nations facing potentially lethal hospital infections.

The Science

Since the invention of the thermometer 300 years ago, humans have invaded multiple orifices and penetrated multiple sites in an attempt to overcome the body’s thermal barriers to monitor core temperature. Now, however, BTT Corp. is harnessing the power of a tunnel to the brain, the organ most sensitive to -- and most responsible for -- body temperature, which has existed right between our eyes. A thermal and radiant organ, the BTT is a direct and undisturbed connection between the thermal storage area in the brain and a unique area of skin between the eye and nose.

A recent study from a research group at Yale University (“Infrared Thermographic Analysis of Temperature on the Face, Forehead, Neck and Supero-medial Orbit,” presented at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists [ASA]), proved the reliability of temperature measurements from the body’s own natural temperature indicator using the BTT.

“We are all equipped with a natural indicator of temperature -- the BTT -- that provides reliable body temperature measurement, with much less variability than the face, forehead and neck,” said Dr. Abreu.

Previous studies by Yale University presented at the ASA validated BTT as a noninvasive methodology for measuring core and brain temperature, and research by the University of Connecticut School of Medicine presented at the World Congress of Anesthesiology in Paris validated the BTT as a noninvasive technique for measuring core body temperature during surgery.

Problems of Current Thermometry

Because the body’s layer of fat provides insulation and prevents adequate thermal emission, the skin surface, such as the forehead and axila, cannot provide accurate thermal measurement. Therefore, forehead thermometers are forced to rely on artificial calculations, which can lead to overestimation and underestimation. Ear canal thermometry also relies on artificial estimations, and numerous reports, including reports by the British Government, show the limitations and dangers of the errors caused by ear thermometers.

Rapid digital oral and rectal thermometers also frequently rely on estimation techniques, leading to further inaccuracies. In addition, oral thermometry requires at least a 30-minute wait after food or liquid is consumed, otherwise the measurements will provide an erroneous reading.

About Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies

Based on the groundbreaking discovery by Yale researcher, Dr. Marc Abreu, of the Brain Temperature Tunnel (BTT), Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies Corp. has developed revolutionary technology that will transform human temperature measurement. Offering the first advance in modern thermometry in 300 years, now, for the first time, human brain temperature and core temperature can be noninvasively and continuously monitored, the same as other vital signs -- heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate. BTT Corp.’s technologies are protected by a worldwide, multi-million dollar investment in patents, with more than 60 patents and patent applications in the U.S. and in more than 40 other countries — representing 85% of the world's purchasing power.

Source: Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies

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