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Avant Healthcare Professionals Announce Marketing Partnership with ICD-10 Coders Academy
Posted by: Brian Hudson (Host IP Logged)
Date: November 29, 2010 08:26AM

Avant Healthcare Professionals and ICD-10 Coders Academy announced a new marketing partnership that will help drive Brand awareness for both companies and assist the healthcare community with ICD-10 implementation. Brian Hudson, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for Avant Healthcare, stated, “Avant Healthcare and ICD-10 Coders Academy are teaming up to allow clients and candidates to take advantage of our expertise in the market. Our Healthcare IT clients can improve their business performance and accelerate implementation of projects with certified professionals.”

According to Dr. Guptha, CEO and President of ICD-10 Coders Academy, "The wide network of Avant Healthcare Professionals and the target industry segment it is working with, the team at ICD-10 Coders Academy felt an alliance with it would not only be very beneficial for both of the organizations but also the larger healthcare community that is facing the challenges of ICD-10 implementation and the people that are going to be involved with the ICD-10 transition at various levels. We expect this alliance to provide much-in-demand trained and certified staffing resources that are required for the healthcare and healthcare-related organizations to comply with ICD-10 mandate. Avant’s expertise and proven track record is definitely going to help Certified ICD-10 Professionals obtain job opportunities nationwide.”

About Avant Healthcare
Avant Healthcare Professionals is the premier specialist for internationally educated nursing and allied health professionals; including Healthcare IT, Nursing and Allied Health professionals. Avant Healthcare Professionals is Joint Commission certified and founding member of the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR). Avant Healthcare Professionals “international solution” provides substantial return on investment (ROI), increased revenues, improved retention, diversity, and is a competitive advantage to progressive healthcare organizations most critical needs. For more information visit