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Coming from an ASR to....ISR?
Posted by: CG (Host IP Logged)
Date: February 15, 2011 04:31PM

Quick question for you ISRs out there. I was recently an associate sales rep for a big med. device company working with orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists. I am currently unemployed and wanting to get back into the industry. Is picking up some lines and carrying as easy as it sounds? What would/could be some good lines to carry if I were to become an independent sales rep? I have been eying biologics and apparently you don't have a shot in the OR unless you have metals along with you. But my question is, is it difficult to get your products into the hospital when you have reps from the big companies like stryker, medtronic, biomet, etc in there? Do the surgeons usually go with the name brand or the relationships that they currently have? Sorry to sound like a newbie, but the ASR role seemed pretty cut and dry the product pretty much sold itself. Thanks in advance for any responses

Re: Coming from an ASR to....ISR?
Posted by: Randy Wuehle (Host IP Logged)
Date: February 28, 2011 08:28PM

Our service is great for orthos and podiatrists, and the market is wide open.

E-mail me if your interested.