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Advice on independent sales situation.
Posted by: Bryan (Host IP Logged)
Date: April 21, 2011 08:14AM

Recently I received an offer to break into medical device sales. I am a RN with 4 years of product support training and 11 years of ICU experience. The company I was given the opportunity to sell for does not have its own sales force, and all the sales people are independents. I was brought on with the task of getting into a facility with my contacts by an independent that apparently has ties with the said business. Off the bat I stated I would work on the facility, but not once was I told that I would be prohibited from going into the other facilities I said I could have. I have mentioned contract many times and each time been blown off. It turns out that I am being ushered in to do a task, which is acceptable. The commissions, I mistakingly was notified, were 4 times of my offered commissions. I can see 2 times, but 4 times? Anyhow, 10% is to go to the guy "showing me the ropes" and assisting me in the capital with meals until I get off the ground, and 25% is going to his boss. Nowhere is it stated for how long I am obliged to give him the 10% of the commissions. The guy literally gets pissy when ask for a contract. The product company, by the way, has a no fault subcontractor release to relieve them of any wrongdoing by the independents I "work for". I feel as if I am being set-up and now am in a stalemate. I refuse to put any more effort into it until I get a signed and notarized contract barring them from hijacking the account to reap the fruits of my contacts. As a matter of fact, I stopped right at the person who could and would be an inside connection for the sale of this project. To clarify, the product is already in the facility, and has been through committee, but is not really being utilized. I have all my vendor credentialing paid for and done. I do like the product, and from a clinical standpoint I could, in good conscious, market it very well. Does requesting a contract sound out of line to you?