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Medic Shoes
Posted by: guyidan (Host IP Logged)
Date: April 01, 2014 08:05AM

Medic Shoe™ offers a clinically-proven non-medical alternative to conventional drug therapy, alleviating the symptoms of poor peripheral circulation. Based on the principles of acupressure and reflexology, Medic Shoe™ delivers both relief from peripheral neuropathy and measurable peripheral hemodynamic improvement.
Medic Shoe™ has been proven effective in clinical trials conducted by well-known cardiologists. For both subjective and objective parameters, Medic shoe demonstrated significant positive impact on the study subjects. Notably, patients with Diabetes or Peripheral Vascular Disease that used Medic Shoe for 15-30 minutes a day during the course of one month enjoyed:
Significant alleviation of foot pain, tingling, and nighttime pain waking
Notable rise in stroke volume, stroke index, cardiac output, and cardiac index
Marked overall improvement in total peripheral resistance (TPR)

Re: Medic Shoes
Posted by: Francisco Flores (Host IP Logged)
Date: November 19, 2014 03:48PM

I am interested in receiving more information about your product