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outside looking in!
Posted by: pete (Host IP Logged)
Date: September 13, 2004 10:46AM

I'm 31 and have been in outside sales and sales management with a Fortune 500 food company for 5 years. I have tons of sales training and can build relationships and close the sale with the best of them. I have decided that med sales is the where I want to be, yet I don't see any positions open in the Richmond, VA area where I live. I'm single and don't mind travel but I really don't want to relocate for the next year or so. The people on this board seem extremely knowledgable and helpful. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get on the inside of this industry. I appreciate all advice! Thanks!

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Re: outside looking in!
Posted by: Joan Penfold (Host IP Logged)
Date: September 14, 2004 03:09PM

A good venue for you is a BIG tradeshow in Orlando in October called Medtrade. This is one of the biggest shows in the Durable Medical Equipment Industry and there ARE ALWAYS COMPANIES LOOKING FOR REPS, mine included. For information you can go to and see if this interests you. Also, there is an organization called HIRA you might contact via cyberspace for help. They focus on a little bit different industry than I work with but I hear they are good!
Best of luck to you!
Joan Penfold

Re: outside looking in!
Posted by: Scott (Host IP Logged)
Date: September 16, 2004 01:36PM

Scour the internet (,,, looking for hiring companies AND ALSO recruiters. Recruiters have the best knowledge of the industry and are hired to recruit for many companies that don't have postings on their own. It may be better to start off with a disposable company (Medline, Kendall (tyco healthcare), or really find a specialty that you like (endoscopy (Karl Storz), O.R. (stryker), Instruments, orthopedics, neuro). Do as much research on any company that you can. It will help you to get a better industry knowledge of what you want to do. I am four years out of college and went from Pharma to disposables, and disposables to now selling high speed drill systems and power equipment (bone saws) strictly to Orthopedic and Neurosurgeons in the Operating Room with a base of 80K plus bonus, commission, car, and cell. Don't let anyone tell you it's not possible to do.

Re: outside looking in!
Posted by: Gary H. (Host IP Logged)
Date: September 22, 2004 10:38PM

What did the disposable company see as yours strengths in Pharma??? You were not in Pharma very long.

What did the ortho company, that you now work for, see as your strengths in disposable medical sales???
You were not in disposable medical sales very long.

I ask you these questions because you must be a VERY unique medical salesperson.

Are you related to Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, or Brian Tracy???????????

May I have your reaction!!!!

Re: outside looking in!
Posted by: JR (Host IP Logged)
Date: September 30, 2004 12:05PM