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How to jump from Pharm sales to DEVICE SALES??!?!
Posted by: jacket (Host IP Logged)
Date: March 24, 2004 06:23AM

I am in Pharm sales now and have been a top performer every year. I have been in urology specialty 2 of my 3 years. I am tired of being a caterer, paper boy, sample dropper, signature collector. What advice do you have to jump into Med. device sales. I played Div. 1 college football and spent 2 years in the NFL as well. I know these are looked on fondly by med device companies. Anyrecruiters contact info would help!

my email is

Re: How to jump from Pharm sales to DEVICE SALES??!?!
Posted by: Bryan Luman (Host IP Logged)
Date: March 24, 2004 12:44PM

Please contact me when you have an opportunity 303-703-4906 and we can chat about our needs here at Stroke Recovery Systems (Division of Zynex Medical) The division I'm responsible for is our NeroMove division which we manufacture. The NeuroMove is the latest breakthrough in stroke recovery devices and I'm looking for a few independent reps which could quickly turn tull time. We've been out on the market with this particular device since late in 2003, we are FDA approved and have recenlty gone public. We are indeed experiencing a tremendous amount of growth. We simply need some professional reps out there that can speak with and educated these docs, therapists, etc. This will help us to define the exact methodology for sales and marketing of this very specialized product. Check out our product specific site at, and our corporate site at

If you are interested please shoot me a call when you have a moment.

Bryan Luman
Director of Marketing
Zynex Medical