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Breaking into Medical Device sales
Posted by: Scott (Host IP Logged)
Date: June 17, 2007 10:58PM


Looking at the network board I came across your message to another person looing to get into Medical Device sales. On reading through it you suggest the individual look at selling EMR into physician practices to get enough exposure to sell the same people medical devices. I think I have the background and calling to do that to gain a broader audience in Healthcare than I have now ( generally Materials Management in Accute Care Facilities). Can you tell me what I would need to do to get involved?

Re: Breaking into Medical Device sales
Posted by: Mr. Medical Sales (Host IP Logged)
Date: July 01, 2007 06:47PM

One of the important things to have in your arsenal during an interview process is a good story. On the same note, you need to be a good storyteller.

I have been in the business for a little while and recently started a blog at

I discuss getting a job in the arena, day to day challenges, and the industry itself. I wish I had something like it a couple years ago and I recommend it to you.

Re: Breaking into Medical Device sales
Posted by: Gil (Host IP Logged)
Date: August 19, 2007 11:11PM

Sounds interesting what you have to offer .

Email me the details



Re: Breaking into Medical Device sales
Posted by: paul (Host IP Logged)
Date: August 23, 2007 12:37AM

I have been in device sales for almost 5 years now. The best advice I can give you if you are able to get an interview is to not concentrate on what you sold but your sales ability. Certainly many mfrs. are looking for experience. What they are really looking for is that rep to have relationships with surgeons that can be converted immediately. Focus on your ability to sell and how you can translate that to medical sales.

Re: Breaking into Medical Device sales
Posted by: Michael (Host IP Logged)
Date: January 30, 2008 10:42PM

I would be interested in learning more about what it is you are doing. Maybe we could exchange coordinates and see if there is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

take care,

Re: Breaking into Medical Device sales
Posted by: Ranju Chougule (Host IP Logged)
Date: July 31, 2009 05:31AM

Adam Wrote:
> I am currently a self-employed independent rep
> selling specialty homecare durable medical
> equipment (DME). I mostly market to physicians
> such as oncologists & surgeons, as well as
> physical therapy. I have done it all over the
> last 12 years, from straight commission DME sales
> jobs, surgical device/OR sales to pharma sales. I
> am most happy working for myself. My territory or
> commission never gets cut, and I have call reports
> to submit.
> At the moment, instead of hiring independent reps
> I am testing the waters with an opportunity for
> people interested in getting into Medical sales or
> going out on their own. I am in the process of
> finalizing my business plan, but based on my
> experience I am confident it can work. I am
> modeling this off a company with a similar very
> successful program in a non-medical B2B field. I
> personally did this program when I was between
> medical sales jobs, and I decided I wanted to work
> for myself. I will outline this below. I am
> looking for honest feedback. Whether you are
> interested, think it’s a lame idea, or just have
> some suggestions I appreciate all feedback, so
> please let me know. I can’t be too specific as to
> the products I sell at this point, but I will try
> to convey the concept.
> When I was between medical sales jobs a few years
> ago, I was trying to figure out what to do. I
> realized I wanted to be self-employed. It wasn’t
> and still isn’t easy to become an independent
> medical rep, so I began looking outside of medical
> sales for opportunities. I didn’t have any
> money to buy a business or franchise, and there
> was no one to “teach me a business.” While
> reading one of those Business Opportunities type
> magazines in a Barnes & Noble, I came across a
> company called Environmental Waste Solutions or
> (EWS). Their website is
> You are obviously
> free to check out the site, but I am NOT selling
> their opportunity.
> My medical sales opportunity will be a training
> program to become an independent medical sales
> rep. It is not a franchise. My associates and I
> will run several training programs throughout the
> year to teach people the medical sales business.
> The focus will be on home medical equipment and
> rehabilitation marketplace, but not exclusively.
> The products I sell now are mostly high margin
> items for a niche medical condition. I know the
> market very well. Instead of having a sales
> force, I thought the EWS concept was transferable
> to medical sales. Medical sales is a bit more
> prestigious than the solid waste industry, so I
> feel I can teach some good people and everyone can
> make money.
> For a fee of approximately $15,000.00 you will
> receive 2-3 days of soup to nuts training in
> medical sales, being an independent rep, what
> products to sell, product training, and marketing.
> Most importantly we will teach you how to bill
> insurance companies and Medicare, so you can get
> reimbursed and build your business and referral
> base. We will help you establish accounts various
> medical device suppliers, or we can buy product
> and bill the insurance companies for you for a
> small percentage. You can utilize us as much or
> as little as you like after training. Once you
> leave training you will have 1 year of telephone
> support, sample letters, software templates,
> manuals, and tools you need to be successful.
> As an affiliate rep you are not a franchise so you
> can do what you wish. You can pick up other
> product lines or hire sales people. It’s your
> business. Home medical equipment selling is bit
> like pharmaceutical sales. Except when you get a
> prescription or patient referral it’s for a
> equipment not drugs and worth a lot more money!
> I agree if you think $15000.00 is a lot of money.
> I went through the same thought and process with
> EWS. However, think about what it costs to start
> most businesses or buy a franchise! Most of us
> know people who have businesses or run a
> restaurant or retail store. These can cost six
> figures or more. Personally, I think the EWS
> opportunity I refer to a very good business, but I
> decided to stick with medical sales anyway after I
> spent money on training.
> In conclusion, based on the product margins, your
> motivation, and/or existing medical contacts our
> fee can easily be recouped as soon as 2-3 months
> after training. This can be done during
> flex-time, even if you are a current
> pharmaceutical sales rep, but not quite ready to
> quit. If you are already in a medical building
> calling on primary care physicians, you can make
> an extra sales call or two on some other medical
> specialist in the vicinity a few times a week. If
> you are in outside sales now in a non medical
> field, you can also do this part time to start.
> I could go on and on, but I wanted to at least
> pique enough interest to garner some feedback.
> Please email me ( with any personal
> thoughts or if you’d like to discuss this further.
> I appreciate all comments. Thank you.


we are a medical billing and coding company. we are looking for some leads in this area. we are 40 People company and doing the coding and billing jobs for few of the hospitals in USA. We will be very much interested if you can provide with few of the offers.

Warm regards
ranju Chougule

Re: Breaking into Medical Device sales
Posted by: dinesh (Host IP Logged)
Date: August 01, 2009 02:51AM

I am intrested to launch medical devices (of other countries ) in the field of Ortho/ Neuro / Peads . i would like to do the same for Asian market , starting with India .
can any one guide me on the same .

Re: Breaking into Medical Device sales
Posted by: Alessandro A. (Host IP Logged)
Date: October 03, 2009 12:38PM


We have an opportunity for you Lisa. We are developing a patented surgical venting cast.
Casted patients with fiberglass casts suffer mainly from itchiness.
We are looking for ambitious persons that will introduce our patented devices to orthpedic surgeons and generate orders.Keep in mind that surgeons will charge the patient a fee for installing and taking out the devices on each patient,plus the hospitals are the ones to sell to the patients our devices.This is a rehabilitation product supposed to enhance the immobilised
limbs when surrounded by bacteria and harmful fluids.
We will have our samples available after around six months.The right candidate must provide a full curriculum vitae plus existing referrals. We are looking for someone who is steady,persistent,and optimistic.Therefore in order to qualify we need you and all other future associates to establish asap. with hospitals and orthopedic surgeons preliminary contacts of interest through personal meetings and correspondence.All this will be discussed later. The sales associate will be on commission.
In order to join us the right candidate must establish five hundred preliminary contacts with proof of follow ups. The prospects will be contacted now and the meetings will involve a short survey.The position will be offered to the person that will show honest data and the willingness to pioneer a NEW BUISNESS.We will make sure that future clients will be contacted only once by our selected
associates.If you are willing to generate a decent income lots of hard work is needed from your part.


Alessandro A.Barberio

Alessandro A.Barberio

Re: Breaking into Medical Device sales
Posted by: Carene (Host IP Logged)
Date: October 06, 2009 04:31AM

Dear Mr. Ranju Chougule:

I briefly read your business plan and found it quite interesting. My question, would you provide sales training to someone who has been offered an independent sales position to sell several product lines for a particular company? If so, how much would you charge for just the sales training? If you need further explanation, please feel free to contact me at the above email address.

Carene Citter

Re: Breaking into Medical Device sales
Posted by: Chris (Host IP Logged)
Date: October 18, 2009 10:30AM

Getting into medical device sales is especially challenging now, given the changing market conditions, the unknown outcome of Healthcare Reform. Additionally, many companies are changing from direct sales organizations to rep
agencies models.

The fastest way (enter the field) is to have a mentor that has many years of experience with medical icons and startups that can help you with your search and have significant relationships and networks.

If you email me, perhaps I can share effective ways that have worked for others.

Re: Breaking into Medical Device sales
Posted by: William (Host IP Logged)
Date: October 18, 2009 10:42AM

Getting into medical device sales is especially challenging now, given the changing market conditions, the unknown outcome of Healthcare Reform. Additionally, many companies are changing from direct sales organizations to rep
agencies models.

The fastest way (enter the field) is to have a mentor that has many years of experience with medical icons and startups that can help you with your search and have significant relationships and networks.

If you email me, perhaps I can share effective ways that have worked for others.

Re: Breaking into Medical Device sales
Posted by: Jim (Host IP Logged)
Date: November 10, 2009 07:23AM

I think your science back ground could make you a very good candidate, now you
must become committed to learning the business of selling. The part that so many forget is how to become an overchiever in the sales business before they apply for these medical device positions. Read books from Brian tracy, Ziz Ziglar, Spin Selling and others to gain the fundamentals.

The hardest part of being sucessful in medical device sales is not the science or having extraordinary product knowledge, but rather developing a sales & consulting mentality first, the science and product knowledge will come with time in the field and calling on customers.

Re: Breaking into Medical Device sales
Posted by: Cheryl (Host IP Logged)
Date: November 15, 2009 11:15PM

I am reentering the medical industry and am ALSO hoping to also get advice.

1. I am relocating to Los Angeles from the Midwest.
2. I am signing up as a 1099 with an equipment repair and service company which is many years of my background. (Below is my resume)
3. I would prefer to sell equipment. I was the #1 rep of the U.S. for an endoscopy product and loved it. I see many distributor opportunities and don't know where I should focus. Selling repairs will be calling the OR, endoscopy, CS, surgery centers for this particular company. I have experience calling on cardiology, echolab and many others. I owned a business as a broker buying and selling used and refurbished equipment and even closed a sale for a Varian brachytherapy afterload which I had zero experience on prior. I have seen 5 procedures in endoscopy and 4 in surgery. As you can see I can sell anything.
4.I am flying back and forth from the midwest to Los Angeles interviewing and meeting future customers. I need to move to L.A. permanently but can't until I have something solid. I am close to working at night in L.A. while I build my business in the day.

Any guidance from the professionals out there? Am I on the right path? I am a very hard worker and am DETERMINED to accomplish this goal successfully.

I appreciate any feedback. 586-322-2449 •


Professional objective: Aggressively build and develop a territory within an organization in Los Angeles, resulting in a high return on investment for all.

New business developer, top 20% producer, personable, and passionate sales representative offering more than 10 years of experience in sales and account management in the medical industry. Demonstrated ability to build and monetize C-Level relationships with key corporate customers and healthcare systems. Aggressive producer that will utilize cold calling and prospecting techniques to close new accounts and consistently outperform quota. Expert knowledge of multiple medical device segments, including cardiology, operating room/surgical, endoscopy, and ultrasound, among others. Strategic Sales Planning • C-Level Client Relationship Building • Sales Prospecting / Cold Calling • Hunter • Goal Setting / Quota Achievement • Product Demonstrations • Closing Strategy • Sales Presentations • In-Service

Florida Surgical • Los Angeles, California • Oct. 2009 - Present
Prospect and develop healthcare customers in the Los Angeles market. Sell equipment service for central sterile, operating room, endoscopy, echolab, and cardiology. Demonstrate the value of company products, services, and cost-saving potential.

xxxxxxx University • Aug. 2006- Nov. 2007, Sep. 2008 - Present
Online university providing Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees

Field Sales Representative
Built relationships with 90% healthcare organizations, corporations, and com-munity planning groups to build and grow university enrollment. 100% new business development. Give informational presentations, meetings, inservices, and represent the institution at trade shows. Prospect, evaluate, and enroll student candidates.
•Produced $750,000 worth of new enrollments.
•Led the national sales team with the #1 volume of new enrollments for 2007.
•Achieved 120% sales quota every quarter
•Merited awards, Best Attitude Award, #1 Volume for May 1999, and High Performer Award.

THE DEALER DIRECTORY, Troy, Michigan • Jan. 2006 – Aug. 2006
Auto dealer advertising newspaper, employing a staff of 5.

Outside Sales Representative/Proprietor of Startup
Planned and conducted a cold calling program, soliciting advertising business from Detroit auto dealers. Presented the product, closed deals, and negotiated sales terms.
•Generated the first sales and established the company as a presence in auto advertising.
•Took over the role following several failed attempts to penetrate the market.

INTEGRATED MEDICAL SYSTEMS, Detroit, Michigan • June 2004-Jan. 2006
Provider of equipment and service packages for operating room, endoscopy, and other medical markets.

Territory Manager
Developed healthcare customers in the Detroit market, selling central sterile, endoscopy, operating room, echolab, and cardiology equipment. Prospected new customer accounts, provided in-services, held group meetings, and managed equipment processing and loaner inventory.



•Ranked #1 of 100 Representatives in Endoscopy Cleanascope Cart sales.
•Closed sales in Q204 239% ahead of quota.
•Pioneered the donor expiration tracking and refurbished equipment business lines.
•First representative to introduce the equipment tracking system to the healthcare market.
•Secured an equipment trial with a leading Michigan healthcare system.

SCI MEDICAL, Sterling Heights, Michigan • July 2001-June 2004
Dealer of used and refurbished medical equipment/supplies, targeting hospitals and surgery centers.

Sales Representative/Proprietor of Startup
Spearheaded relationship building and account management in the hospital and surgery center markets. Grew sales for medical devices, including flexible/rigid endoscopes, monitors, ultrasounds, power units, Varian brachytherapy afterloaders, x-ray equipment, heart and lung machines, instrumentation, dme, etc. Steered the sales process, performing cold calling, product pitches, negotiation, and closing.
•Prospected and closed 40 new accounts and 25 incremental equipment suppliers.
•Persuaded a top Michigan healthcare system to sign on as a preferred vendor.

CARDINAL HEALTH, Rochester, Michigan • Oct. 1998-July 2001
Fortune 100 provider of healthcare products, services, and technologies.

Inside Sales Representative / Customer Service Representative
Penetrated the national surgical equipment, endoscopy, and instrumentation markets for the Allegiance Equipment Management Services division. Handled proactive calling programs, client meetings and demonstrations, and account management. Analyzed market and customer opportunities, calculated price quotes, and monitored repair service work. Supervised 4 junior Sales Representatives.
•Brought in $500,000 of new revenues and multiple new accounts at the national level.
•Developed expertise on key markets through self-study and due diligence.
•Merited a promotion to Inside Sales Representative in under a year.

Additional Professional Background (Details on Request):
Territory Sales Manager, PHILIP MORRIS U.S.A. (March 1997- Sep. 1998)
•Propelled sales 35% in $6 million
•Employed proactive contracts, negotiated trade promotions and sales strategies to bolster market share 25%
•Instrumental in placing the division as #1 sales producer in 1997.

Customer Service Representative / Inside Sales, AVANTI PRESS, INC. (Feb. 1996-March 1997)
•Selected to represent the company at the Chicago McCormick Show.
•Placed #1 in sales during a 2-week trial.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Marketing
Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Corporate Visions, Prometheus Process - Integrated Medical Systems University, Walden University External Sales Program, Franklin Covey #1, #2 Workshop, Professional Telephone Selling Skills, Books Door to Door, Integrity Selling, New Conceptual Selling, Lanier Sales Training, RMSR Certified – 69412009 April 2009

Re: Breaking into Medical Device sales
Posted by: Sales Manager (Host IP Logged)
Date: December 06, 2009 01:39PM


Depending on what you are looking for, the medical device segment of healthcare
perhaps could be a good match. Where are you located?

My background is 31 years of medical device experience in territory sales, regional management, consulting assignments, and have my own Medical Device Company. 50% of my careers has been with Fortune 100 Medical Device Firms.


Re: Breaking into Medical Device sales
Posted by: Amerisource (Host IP Logged)
Date: February 16, 2010 11:25AM

Please forward your resume and contact me directly at

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