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Medical Distribution Franchise
Posted by: MD Group, Inc (Host IP Logged)
Date: July 27, 2009 06:30PM

We are currently offering opportunities to join the fastest growing segment of the medical industry. Distribution of medical equipment is very profitable but difficult to break into. MD Group, Inc has created a sales platform to help launch your franchise with very little out of pocket expenses. We charge $10,000 to join which secures you an exclusive territory, samples, access to medical forms, a third party billing agent and 24-7 assistance and extensive training.

When you join you also get access to top tear pricing, next day delivery and access to hundreds of products. We warehouse all products so delivery and management of inventory is eliminated from your business model. If you are interested please respond with your contact info. Thank you for your time, Keith

Items we specialize in:
Urine screening equipment
Electrodes and other accessories
Other soft goods
Cold/ heat therapy
And many other items.

Re: Medical Distribution Franchise
Posted by: Norman Gordon (Host IP Logged)
Date: February 26, 2011 05:25AM

I am interested in learning more about becoming a independent sales representative and also about all products and services associated with this opportunity.

Thanks in advance,


Re: Medical Distribution Franchise
Posted by: Gina (Host IP Logged)
Date: January 25, 2012 05:46PM

Did you end up pursing medical sales? Did you do this medical distribution franchise? I too want to get into medical sales and was curious what you found out.
I appreciate your feedback.

Thank YOU!

Re: Medical Distribution Franchise
Posted by: Chris Kailas (Host IP Logged)
Date: February 07, 2012 02:05PM


Please send me all relevant information for local and international markets.
Have connections in India, UAE, Australia and Philippines.

Respond to


Re: Medical Distribution Franchise
Posted by: John nenlon (Host IP Logged)
Date: February 13, 2012 02:38AM

You must be registered and licensed in most states to offer a franchise.

Can you please tell me which of the northeast states you are registered in?

Do you have a link to your registrations and franchise agreement?

Thank you,


Re: Medical Distribution Franchise
Posted by: Benmcure (Host IP Logged)
Date: October 16, 2013 01:12PM


WE are MCURE, 2nd largest bandage manufacture from China with offices located in Industry CA.WE specializes in OEM/Private label customers. We private labeled for some of the largest and most respected medical manufactures & distributors worldwide.

All territories are needed.
Please contact if interested.