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DME Braces
Posted by: Tyler Sabado (Host IP Logged)
Date: April 02, 2020 08:37PM

Any DME Looking for Braces, I have great pricing.

DR Medical is your orthopedic bracing manufacturing partner.
All products are certificated by ISO 13485, FDA, CE and SFDA.
With a continued effort to provide only the highest standard of quality inventory, our customers can confidently purchase our products knowing they're backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
Our goal is to serve you and your product needs. Whether you're looking to build your inventory or bring a new product to market through R&D and branding, our team is ready to assist! If we are fortunate enough to earn your business, we'll see to it that you receive the service and professionalism you have every right to expect.

Tyler Sabado
VP Sales

Cell: 909-205-5715

1176 Franklin Gateway, Suite A

Marietta, GA 30067



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Re: DME Start up
Posted by: Blake (Host IP Logged)
Date: April 30, 2020 06:15PM

Just curious if this forum is still active these days! Looking into starting a DME and would love to connect with some of y'all with years in the industry.

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Re: DME Start up
Posted by: RR MedHealth (Host IP Logged)
Date: May 07, 2020 05:33PM

Hello Blake.

Yes, I do believe it is still active. If you are still interested in starting up a DME, please feel free to reach out to me. I am a consultant that works exclusively with DME suppliers. Right now is an ideal time to get something going if you really want to act on this.

I look forward to hearing from you.

You can review my profile on LinkedIn for more information about our company.

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Re: DME Start up
Posted by: Ahmed (Host IP Logged)
Date: June 22, 2020 07:21PM

Hi i am wondering
after you started your DME company,
I am planning to open one up as well
please share any info you can
thank you

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Re: DME Start up
Posted by: Roni Pidcock (Host IP Logged)
Date: September 21, 2020 09:55PM

Hello Ahmed. We may have already spoken, however, I wanted to just reach out and follow up with you regarding this. :)

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Re: DME Start up
Posted by: Yolanda Dawkins (Host IP Logged)
Date: November 15, 2020 11:33PM

What are NPW2 Pumps?

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Re: DME Start up
Posted by: Ashley (Host IP Logged)
Date: January 13, 2022 06:55PM

I would like more information regarding opening a DME company. And any advice that may be helpful. Thank you.

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Re: DME Start up
Posted by: Kimberly Cooper (Host IP Logged)
Date: September 11, 2022 10:57PM

Hello I am interested in starting a small DME company. I would like to focus on respiratory supplies and ventilators. ANY ADVICE? Im also in Texas

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