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Toxicology Sales--Addiction/Treatment Centers
Posted by: lhupfeld1 (Host IP Logged)
Date: August 05, 2013 03:59PM

Looking for individual reps or rep groups for the states of: CA, AZ, TN, TX, and NJ plus many other states.

TARGET: Treatment/Addiction Centers

**Are you tired of looking over your shoulder and wondering if one of your competitors is knocking on your clients door to steal the confirmation business? Your worries are over.

**If you are looking for a way to compete with the big boys, we have the answer.

**Our business plans allows your customer to purchase of piece of the laboratory and share in the profits of the confirmations. We are THE ONLY company that shares profits with the end user. Our approach will lock in your business forever.

**Creates a much needed revenue stream for the Treatment/Addiction Center.

**Treatment Center can keep their profits from point-of-care testing.

**We have the most extensive addiction test menu in the industry.

If you have current relationships with Treatment/Addiction center owners, then you will be very successful. If you don't, this model will open many doors for you.

Email background and contact info to: We will contact you promptly.