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1099 ortho reps wanted for capital sales.
Posted by: fryan59 (Host IP Logged)
Date: September 18, 2014 07:41AM

deSoutter Medical, USA is a full line manufacturer of orthopedic power tools for recon, trauma, sports medicine and small bone surgery.
We are looking for 1099 reps with strong ortho contacts in the OR and capital sales experience. Power deals get well into the 6 figures and have 5+ years of disposable revenue. -

Re: 1099 ortho reps wanted for capital sales.
Posted by: Marty kuser (Host IP Logged)
Date: September 22, 2014 02:09PM

Very interested in this product. Cover md, dc, and va .
Can you provide info or are you looking here?

Re: 1099 ortho reps wanted for capital sales.
Posted by: Aaron Wang (Host IP Logged)
Date: September 28, 2014 12:35AM

Hi, My name is Zhe Wang, but you can call me Aaron. I grew up in China, went to Germany for high school, study at Rutgers University, NJ.
I have many family friends in China that are in the medical equipment sales business, one close friend is the head of the state hospital in Jilin, China. Family also owns an architectural design company in China as well.
I am very dedicated to fulfill my life long dream, which is to have enough money to feed, and shelter less fortunate children, so they do not have to grow up in fear and oppression.
I have motivation and relationships, by the way, I have also earned myself two state awards in magic tricks competition, so yes, I know how to deliver a rocking presentation.
Thank you for your time, here is my phone number 8623686143.