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1099 Healthcare Reps in California - Medical Waste Disposal Service
Posted by: MedWasteCA (Host IP Logged)
Date: April 30, 2015 02:21PM


Are you currently selling medical supplies, medical devices, or pharmaceuticals to clients in the Healthcare field?

Most clients do not realize they're over paying on their medical waste disposal service until we bring it to their attention. We're looking for Independent Reps across California to present our cost savings medical waste disposal service to existing clients. We can manage their biohazard waste, sharps and needles, pathological waste, trace chemo waste, and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste. Our simple pricing has saved our clients hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually.

A few facilities we service:

Medical Offices
Urgent Cares
Plastic Surgeons
Surgery Centers
Dermatology Offices
Pain Clinics
Health Departments
Dialysis Clinics
Funeral Homes
Nursing Homes
Universities / Schools
..and many more

Please contact me for additional details. Training will be provided. Our opportunity is a value added service to an existing book of business. You can make money while helping your clients save money.

Selena Locke
Direct: 510-900-3913

Learn more about us at