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Need Experienced Reps For New Company/Huge New Product
Posted by: medicalsaleselit (Host IP Logged)
Date: May 08, 2015 01:10AM

I won't get into much detail about the new product that is set to hit on July 1st. Please just know that many reps, doctors and even labs I currently work with are extremely excited about the possibilities.

The floodgates will open, and honestly already are, with my existing network for this new product. But I want to capitalize on a large scale, and quickly.

While dangling that carrot is half the point of this post, the other half is in attempt to recruit a large network of 1099 reps to join my new company. However, I need reps far more experienced than me to help make it a reality.

PLEASE NOTE: I am already involved in selling urine tox, specifically in Texas, but also in multiple other states, and we're doing exceptionally well in that market as well. This new product will go hand in hand with urine tox, but reaches a much broader market. It's something many people are working to get into, but we will have the potential to be on the front end of the surge and the sky will be the limit for my company in addition to the reps interested in joining, but at the very least, I ask that you at least reach out to me in regards to this opportunity.

I'm a transparent guy and will share my plans -- all of them -- after a simple NDA is signed. I want to team with experienced sales rep across the country, and quite frankly, can use a tremendous amount of guidance and assistance on establishing what I envision with my own company.

If you're remotely interested, please get in touch with me at chris [at] You can also call me at 903.277.6089. Cell is always on, day or night. Text if it's late, email anytime, or call anytime during the day.

Thanks for your time and consideration.