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Need Infectious Disease Product Distributor
Posted by: borczah (Host IP Logged)
Date: December 16, 2015 02:34PM

My name is Adam Borcz, and I head the Healthcare Sales group at AirBoss. We are looking for expanded distributor representation.

AirBoss purchased Immediate Response Technologies earlier this year who manufactures the leading Individual Patient Isolation System (ISO-POD) in the world. All of our medical products are made at Landover, MD, USA production facility just outside of Washington, DC.

The ISO-POD can protect against a variety of Chemical or Biological agents and Infectious Diseases. It is the single best piece of equipment that a first responder can use to isolate and transport a contaminated patient and can be used with a variety of PPE, including respirators, medical backboards, gurneys and conventional IV and Oxygen support services.

Our systems have been widely adopted in Middle East (MERS), West Africa (Ebola) and we are seeing a current European trend and adoption as a result of the recent MERS threat from the Middle East. We are expanding our distribution network for hospitals, first responders, fire departments and law enforcement, and wanted to reach out to see if there were any overlapping interests or distribution opportunities.

You will find our ISO-POD systems at a more competitive price point and more capable than any other system in the world.