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South and Central America Distributors Wanted
Posted by: stratamedical (Host IP Logged)
Date: December 18, 2015 03:00PM

I am seeking distributors in South and Central America for our medical device which can be seen at It is a nitrous oxide inhaler that creates short (5 minutes) of supplemental analgesia. THIS DEVICE IS NOT APPROVED IN THE U.S.

This device is marketed in many fields of medicine. It is designed to help patients feel better during short painful or uncomfortable medical office procedures.

Plastic Surgery (Procedures performed in the office - facial aesthetic injections, i.e. botox)
dentists (before local injections)
dermatology (moll removal)
urology (foley catheter placement or cystoscopy, vasectomy)
podiatry (wart removal, ingrown toenails)
interventional cardiology (for femoral sticks)
pediatrics (any medical office procedure)
gynecology (biopsies, etc.)
minor emergency
and many other procedures and fields of medicine.