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Bundled marketing solutions for healthcare providers - seeking reps with uncapped commission potential
Posted by: adityav (Host IP Logged)
Date: September 06, 2016 08:59AM

Consumerism in healthcare is exploding. Per the Alegeus Healthcare Consumerism index, consumerism in healthcare has increased by 35% in the past two years, which means patients are shopping for healthcare services more similarly to the way they shop for televisions or vacations. It's all about value and it's more important than ever for providers to develop a brand identity that highlights the unique capabilities that a provider carries. Through this process, patients will better understand the value of their treatment. Read more about the consumerism in healthcare at the link below:

We are seeking motivated sales reps, who are looking for an uncapped opportunity to help their customers build and grow their healthcare practice brand within their community. We are asking the sales reps to help organize a meeting with us and the client, and we can handle the full pitch and presentation. We will pay a commission for each new client that signs on. The ideal target for our services are independent physicians or physician groups who have an interest in growing their practice.

One of the co-founders of Sophos Healthcare Marketing stems from a Fortune 50 consumer marketing background, and by leveraging industry insider information, has developed a way to get cutting edge website, digital ad targeting, and ROI measurement done at a significantly lower price than a traditional agency. This makes our solution affordable for physician owned practices. Additionally, our focus is in measuring, reporting, and optimizing the ROI of any marketing campaign, which is a capability that is currently lacking in the industry. At the end of the campaign, the provider will understand exactly how much revenue was generated as a result of their investment to make an informed decision on future investments. We succeed only if we can deliver a highly attractive ROI, which ensures our objectives are aligned with the client. The other co-founder of Sophos Healthcare Marketing stems from a healthcare management background, which enables us to ensure we've developed a solution that meets the specific needs of healthcare providers. We are confident we have the best product in the industry at the lowest price are looking for motivated representatives to help us gain distribution quickly.

We are happy to run through a WebEx of our pitch to give you a greater perspective on what we do and showcase how we can bring much needed capabilities into healthcare. Packages start at $16,000 and run up to $39,500. The $16,000 package includes a cutting edge website, animated digital banner ads, 1MM+ media impressions with sophisticated targeting only to people likely to benefit from treatment, and ROI measurement of the campaign. Learn more at or e-mail me directly.