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ISR's & Distributors for Anesthesia Information Management Software(AIMS) EHR for Hospitals, Anesthesia groups, Surgery Centers & Pharmacy software
Posted by: canthony (Host IP Logged)
Date: September 21, 2017 09:19AM

Please read this information if you are currently active in the hospital anesthesia marketplace in some fashion. This could be direct selling to that department or maybe a pharm rep who has connections.
We are flexible when it comes to designing a payment program dependent on your abilities to assist in our growth.

Market-leading provider of Anesthesia Information Management Systems (AIMS). Also, other software for Pharmacy and growing markets.

This software is easy to use with flexible solutions that streamlines the perioperative workflow and improves the quality and efficiency in the OR.

This software is deployed nationally. Contracts may range from the ten's of thousands into the hundred of thousands or more. Again, traditionally a long term sale.

A rep/firm who has the knowledge of software sales, electronic health records, who has the contact base as noted for hospital and surgery center contacts. Knowledge of long term type sale. Able to understand all the buyers involved in this type of sell. This is a technical sale. Requires true software technical knowledge, knowledge of the OR, PACU, Pre-Op, Anesthesia Dept, workflow of hospital, Pharmacy workflow.

Please respond with a brief bio of your background and if a current distributor, your business model.