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Seeking Independent GI and Colorectal Sales Reps
Posted by: DoseRite (Host IP Logged)
Date: September 22, 2017 05:33PM

Medical Device manufacturer seeking motivated Independent Sales Reps to sell new disposable product to Gastro, Colorectal, and Proctology Physicians.

The key to anal fissure pain relief is maintaining relaxation of the internal anal sphincter. This is achieved by delivering topical medications such as Calcium Channel Blockers or Nitroglycerine directly to the tissue surrounding the anal sphincter muscle (anoderm). Studies have shown that intra-anal application of topical medication is more effective at reducing internal sphincter pressure than application with a finger (peri-anal).

Physicians are frustrated with the current treatment method of dosing and applying compounded anal fissures medication (i.e. asking patients to self-medicate intra-anally with a finger up to the first knuckle). Because of the pain involved with digital application, most patients do not apply the medication correctly and therefore continue to suffer.

Our product, DoseRite, helps patients get the pain relief they need by taking the guesswork out of anal fissure treatment. DoseRite’s patented applicator tip provides a simple and painless way for patients to apply medication inside the anal canal. The applicator’s side-slotted design ensures medication is applied directly to the anal mucosa (anoderm) for maximum absorption by the internal sphincter muscle. Using DoseRite three times per day provides prolonged relaxation of the anal sphincter muscle and significant pain relief.

Our Sales Program combines the purchase of DoseRite with a 4-week supply of a compounded medication at a discounted price to patients. We have partnered with a national compounding pharmacy to provide patients with a compounded medication and DoseRite together for about the same price patients are currently paying for medication alone. Both products are shipped directly to patients via free 2-day shipping. All compounded preparations are packaged in a custom dispensing jar for easy dosing and intra-anal application.;

We are looking for independent reps that can detail DoseRite and our Sales Program to physicians. Our residual commission program pays approximately $100 per month for each converted physician. Conversions of 30 to 40 physicians are not uncommon as DoseRite is the only product on the market that provides a dosing and a disposable intra-anal application system for compounded fissure medication. 

Interested parties please contact Ryan at More information available at