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New Product Sales Opportunity: 3D Xray Systems
Posted by: Dbailey1953 (Host IP Logged)
Date: July 02, 2019 10:56AM

Carestream, a leading manufacturer of digital xray technology, is seeking 1099 sales agents to introduce our newest product into the Orthopedic marketplace. This product, a 3D Xray system (i.e., CT) for extremities, not only generates incremental revenue for the surgeons, but also helps them to make much better clinical decisions and achieve better outcomes. Today, most Orthopedists use CT sparingly; but this new technology is divergent from what they are familiar with, and they must be educated to the differences. When we are able to conduct a 20-minute presentation to these groups, our close rate is nearly 50%. The sales agents that we seek would be responsible for setting up the presentations, and would be well-compensated when the presentation converts to a sale. (We have our own direct sales & service team that would conduct the presentation, manage the transaction, and provide all post-sale follow-up.)

The OnSight 3D system is not really a competitor to traditional CT systems, but rather, the next generation of In-Office X-ray, and we are confident that it will become a new standard-of-care. To discuss this opportunity further, please contact Dan Bailey at 937-414-3237.

For more information about OnSight, please check out these links:
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