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Looking for distributors for new innovative collection container used in fertility clinics, key decision maker, obgyn and endocrinologist
Posted by: Protex (Host IP Logged)
Date: October 15, 2019 08:41PM

Introducing a patented semen collection container that protects sperm from stress,during and after collection.
RSI,Reproductive Solutions, Inc (the company) has revolutionized the semen collection process by creating a collection container designed to reduce the stress on the sperm during collection and protect it until it is processed for use in treatments with ART( Assisted Reproductive Technologies).
The goal is to allow the man to produce the best sample possible for an attempted pregnancy.
The RSI collection container protects the sperm so well, it gives your fertility team the option of allowing to collect at home, depending on what they determine is most appropriate for your individual care.
Please email or call 760-730-2560 if level of interest is relating to distribution and have a knowledge base of this novel market.