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Lucrative opportunity to distribute breakthrough COVID-19 oxygenator!
Posted by: Dave (Host IP Logged)
Date: June 30, 2021 01:11PM

In response to the COVID pandemic, HealO Medical ( of Sarasota, Florida has engineered a newly-FDA-cleared super-oxygenating mask system (SentriO Oxy™). This will enable a dramatic advancement in COVID therapy and protection worldwide because:
[1] it enables treatment and protection early, before serious organ damage can occur. This in turn can protect against the need for hospitalization and other complications such as ventilator therapy.
[2] while treatment can certainly be given at a hospital (including ICU), more importantly due to only low-flow oxygen requirement, the treatment can be AT HOME, using an oxygen generator which creates an endless amount of oxygen from ambient air.

Compared to a high flow nasal cannula (HFNC), which at 60 LPM of oxygen uses 86,400 liters of oxygen per patient per day, SentriO Oxy only needs 5-10 LPM and saves a minimum of 72,000 liters per day per patient—but delivers comparable oxygenation without expensive equipment nor requiring a negative ventilation room to reduce infectious contamination.

For patients with chronic cardiopulmonary diseases (congestive heart failure, valvular diseases, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, etc.), SentriO Oxy enables a 60% increase in oxygen delivery over the best mask currently available, thus elevating the quality of life for tens of millions. Therefore, the need for our game-changing, super-oxygenating SentriO Oxy™ mask system is both timely, urgent and long-lasting in nature.

A surge in Delta-variant related COVID cases in the US is now underway and has been detected in all 50 states. I was pleased to see the steady decline of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines since the spike this past April but read about recent reporting of the Delta-variant there, too. This creates an even greater need for the SentriO mask system.

For countries with a more limited oxygen supply, the pairing of a SentriO Oxy not only provides the highest possible oxygenation of any mask system but also eliminates the costly and grueling vicious cycle of desperately seeking the next tank of oxygen to sustain life.

We are looking for a select cadre of relentlessly-driven sales reps with exceptional track record of excellence in communications, ethical human relationships and passionate service beyond self. Please mail CV and cover email detailing why you should be selected, to Dave Szczepaniuk ( Thank you.

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