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Clinical Application Ultrasound Specialist Wanted
Posted by: P.Jackson (Host IP Logged)
Date: February 14, 2006 03:28PM

Nationwide Opportunities available for Experienced Sonographers/Technicians to provide Clinical Applications Training to healthcare professionals nationwide. Must possess working knowledge of at least 1 ultrasound model. Willingness to learn various ultasound models and their functions to provide 4 hours of training at various medical facilities. High Pay-out for Temp 1 Day 4 hour assignments. Please call: 866-796-9073, or email us or fax us your resume. Thanks!

P. Jackson - President
Ameritech Medical
Tel: 866-796-9073
Fax: 866-796-9076

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Re: Clinical Application Ultrasound Specialist Wanted
Posted by: Rhonda Boesken RDMS (Host IP Logged)
Date: March 16, 2006 01:25AM

I curently work per diem as an applications specilatist as well as in an ob/gyn office. I wish to pursue more applications work. How much training time would I receive on the various units that I would be teaching on? How often would you be able to use me? I am willing to travel anywhere.
What would be the range of compensation for someone with 30 years of sonography experience?

Thank you,
Rhonda A. Boesken RDMS

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Re: Clinical Application Ultrasound Specialist Wanted
Posted by: P. Jackson (Host IP Logged)
Date: April 14, 2006 02:42PM

Hi Rhonda,

Please ontact me directly at my email at to discuss the details of this opportunity rather than post openly on this board. Thanks!

P. Jackson
Ameritech Medical

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