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We Need Reps! New Device Revolutionizing Patient Transport In Hospital
Posted by: Hospital Safety Solutions, Inc (Host IP Logged)
Date: March 12, 2006 08:58PM

Hospital Safety Solutions, Inc. is introducing a revolutionary new medical device and needs sales representation immediately. We have made all necessary preparations to steeply ramp up production to meet demand. We are seeking aggressive independent agents with a strong presence in hospitals and medical facilities in their territories. Experience and existing accounts selling wheelchairs, gurneys, ICU Beds, and Maternity Beds or associated products is a plus.

There are no competing products
Patent pending to protect exclusivity
Preliminary market analysis indicates a strong demand nationwide
Earnings potential for you can easily exceed $150,000 per year with no.

We are prepared to offer competitive compensation and fair contracts. Our philosophy is to treat our sales reps fairly and support them completely. We are affiliated with MANA and adhere to the MANA Code of Ethics.

We are preparing an aggressive market introduction channeling sales through sales agencies/manufacturers reps. We are seeking only those who can truly appreciate the magnitude of this opportunity and who possess the capability to initiate an aggressive sales strategy in their territories.

We will be holding two short one-day seminars in Atlanta , GA on April 13 14 and April 14 -15, 2006. Those who are seeking additional products to represent and are feel you are a good fit based on the description above, please contact me. I will provide additional information upon your request.

Re: We Need Reps! New Device Revolutionizing Patient Transport In Hospital
Posted by: Guillermo Anson (Host IP Logged)
Date: March 15, 2006 06:35PM

I am interested in your product. I have been in sales for over 10yrs, and have an outstanding opportunity to introduce it here in Colorado, and in San Jose Costarica. Please send me more information to my email or at home 12675 Jasmine Street, Thornton co. 80602. Thank you.....

Re: We Need Reps! New Device Revolutionizing Patient Transport In Hospital
Posted by: JP (Host IP Logged)
Date: March 16, 2006 10:04PM

I tried to emai you at the above email address but it was returned. Please give another option or a website. Some more specifics on the product if you can. What is a hospital using now if they don't have your product? Is it all capital or are there disposables as well? Please advise.

Re: We Need Reps! New Device Revolutionizing Patient Transport In Hospital
Posted by: Hospital Safety Solutions, Inc (Host IP Logged)
Date: March 19, 2006 12:27PM

My apologies for the returned email. We're working with our domain hosting service to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Contact me @ (205) 356-6404 for more information. Ask for Stephen Baggett

Some answers to your questions:

We are manufacturing a device which attaches to wheelchairs, gurneys/stretchers, ICU Beds, Maternity beds, and many standard hospital beds. The attachment has an arm which swings out and locks into one of several positions and a clamp on the end which secures floor standing IV Poles. As the patient is mobilized, the IV Pole (pumps and all) simply moves with the chair or bed. The device enables nurses and/or transport agents to mobilize patients quickly without transferring pumps and bags to bed-mounted IV Poles, or more commonly, just tossing the bags in the bed with the patient and having additional staff go along to hold be pumps. Additional feedback recieved suggests this device reduces damage to IV equipment by preventing IV poles from falling over during transport and reduces strain on hospital staff while transporting patients.

There are several hospitals in the southeastern U.S. using this product as part of a market test. The reaction has been overwhelming positive and we have recieved clear signs of growing demand for this product just within our test market area.

As stated in the original posting, we are prepared to market the product nationwide and wish to do so exclusively through independent sales agents/firms. We're particularly interested in those who have existing relationships with hospitals in their defined territories.

Anyone interested, please feel free to contact me. The broken email address will be resolved shortly so you can try it ( or call me at the number above.

Best Regards,

Stephen D. Baggett
VP Sales & Marketing
Hospital Safety Solutions, Inc.