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Commission Rates?
Posted by: Jonathan (Host IP Logged)
Date: March 26, 2006 10:52PM

A question for the reps out there:

I'm a seasoned sales professional making the leap to medical/surgical device sales, and I'm in the dark as to what I should expect, or what the "industry standard" is, for commission rates. I'll be selling spinal implant products for spinal fusions (titanium screws, rod, instruments for fusion procedures, etc.).

I'll be negotiating with the distributor hiring me this week, so if anyone out there has experience with these products and can let me know whas "fair" commission rates are, I'd appreciate it!



Re: Commission Rates?
Posted by: michael (Host IP Logged)
Date: March 27, 2006 07:40AM

don't take less than 20 points if straight commiss..if with salary anything close to 5% gross plus salary.good luck

Re: Commission Rates?
Posted by: Jonathan (Host IP Logged)
Date: March 27, 2006 12:08PM

Thanks! It will be straight commission/1099. Does anyone else have any advice/input on this? Thanks so much!