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Sales Rep Wanted for Medical Data Security System
Posted by: Lenny Miskey (Host IP Logged)
Date: April 14, 2006 06:10PM

We have developed a Data Security product for ANY Medical Office that maintains individual health records or patient personal information. Our product is an‘add-on’ to the computer systems in the office.

The DES (Data Encryption Security) System;
- Provides full compliance to HIPPA and SB-1386 security requirements.
- Automatically encrypts all data to the computers disc drive.
- Provides data backup and off-site storage of information.
- There is a physical ‘key’ that unlocks the system for use.
- Offers the ‘best’ form of data security.
- If there were ever a theft, the data would be totally secure.

If you currently have relationships with medical offices (ANY), this could be an 'easy sell' to provide the Doctors with complete piece-of-mind.

Typical ‘secure’ office scenario;
1- Main or server pc.
2- Additional desktop backup drive
3- Portable drive to maintain data off-site
4- Other networked pc systems (1-2)

Typical sale: $800- $2000

Commission @ 25% ($200-$500)

You don’t need to be a computer wizard as local installation support can easilly be contracted.

Please advise if this opportunity would be of interest to you?

Leonard Miskey
Director of Sales & Marketing
DES Systems - ‘data security’

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