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quality products for cooperation
Posted by: Robert Joe (Host IP Logged)
Date: April 20, 2006 04:47AM

We are the professional supplier of the orthopedic devices in China. Our product covers silicone breast implant, silicone tissue expander, e-PTFE (expanded poly-tetrafluoroethylene) soft tissue filling material, Botox, hyaluronic acid, amazing gel, quality meso-gun etc. We hope to market our product to the international market through the qualified distributor. We have more than ten years of experience marketing the quality orthopedic material/devices both domestically and internatioanlly. We will rpovide the most competitive price for our partner.

Re: quality products for cooperation
Posted by: Catherine Bill (Host IP Logged)
Date: April 20, 2006 12:52PM

Dear sales,
This is Catherine Bill from joan medic usa , i am making an order enquiry if you can supplier us the below listed defibrillator .

1)packard defibrillator
2)burdik defibrillator

I will be looking forward to your response

Re: quality products for cooperation
Posted by: Robert Joe (Host IP Logged)
Date: April 20, 2006 10:39PM

Dear Catherine,

Thnaks for your message.

Actually, we are specially marketing the implant material such as silicone breast implants, e-PTFE soft tissue implant, amazing gel, Botulinum and titanium devices, you can visit our and feel free to contact me via if you are interested.

Thanks for oyur interest.