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Northern Delaware ISR needed for Ortho Implants/Podiatry products!
Posted by: John Zimmer (Host IP Logged)
Date: January 08, 2007 02:34PM

You will be provided training, tech support and literature to properly promote the products in your protected/exclusive territory. One of the products they offer is a Compression Staple. This staple is a novel shape memory alloy bone staple and plate formed from Nitinol alloy. Because of its Nitinol construction, the prongs of the staple can be made to deflect in bone upon application of a heating current. This results in the unique ability to speed the healing response of bone and cause adjustable compression across the fracture or fusion site during surgery. They also offer pyrocarbon implants for orthopedics and foot, knee, elbow and hand restorative products that restores the lost range of motion in the extremities. Sales leads are provided (can also self generate) calling on Podiatrists and Orthopedic Surgeons with a 10-15% commission plus spiffs. The company expects the products to have double digit growth over the next four quarters! John Zimmer 608-836-3596 ext. 221 President

Re: Northern Delaware ISR needed for Ortho Implants/Podiatry products!
Posted by: Aaron Wang (Host IP Logged)
Date: September 28, 2014 12:30AM

Hi, My name is Zhe Wang, but you can call me Aaron.I am writing to see your company have any interest in expanding the business into Chinese markets further. I grew up in China, went to Germany for high school, study at Rutgers University, NJ.
I have many family friends in China that are in the medical equipment sales business, one close friend is the head of the state hospital in Jilin, who is also very interested in incorporating SMA technology into his hospital, which is one of the most majors hospitals in China. My family owns an architectural design company in China as well.
I am very dedicated to fulfill my life long dream, which is to have enough money to feed, and shelter less fortunate children, so they do not have to grow up in fear and oppression.
I have motivation and relationships, by the way, I have also earned myself two state awards in magic tricks competition, so yes, I know how to deliver a rocking presentation.

Thank you for you time, if you are interested, here is my cell phone number.8623686143. Zhe( Aaron) Wang