Accuitive is a venture capital firm with offices in Atlanta, GA and Rochester, MN. AMV is in business to finance and help develop early stage medical device and technology companies.

AMV has established relationships with some of the industry’s leading institutions to offer emerging companies and investors the opportunity to work with AMV in building unique new businesses and long-term shareholder value:

  • Through its relationship with The Innovation Factory (TIF), the Atlanta-based medical device incubator, AMV has the experience and resources to take an idea or invention from conception to exit. TIF is a successful medical technology incubator which helps create valuable businesses from unique ideas and inventions.

  • AMV also works with TIF's committed consortium of venture capital funds including Versant Ventures and SV Life Sciences. These groups are amongst the most experienced medical device investors in the world, and have had deep relationships with AMV’s managing directors and TIF for many years.

In addition, AMV’s connections to some of the industry’s leading practitioners and thought leaders across multiple specialties (cardiovascular, orthopedics, ophthalmology, neurology and aesthetics, among others), enable us to add substantial value both as an investor and Board member, allowing us to build the medical technology success stories of tomorrow.

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Duluth, GA 30097
Alta Partners is a leading venture capital firm in life sciences, funding over 120 companies in the industry since 1996. Our diverse and integrated team brings together a powerful depth of knowledge and experience, delivering tangible results for our companies and our investors.

Investment Philosophy

Alta is committed to building successful businesses through deep collaborative partnerships with outstanding entrepreneurs. We invest only in those areas where we have specific domain expertise. We are long-term investors and believe that it is critical to be a value-added investor by actively working with portfolio company management teams to help build market-leading companies.

We prefer to act as lead investor in the projects that we pursue and, when appropriate, take a board seat as part of our investment. We provide critical strategic, operational and financial advice in this capacity. We also bring to bear insights and advantages from our expanded network of relationships, including assisting our portfolio companies in the recruitment of key executives and board members.

Investment Criteria

When considering potential investment opportunities, there are several critical characteristics that we seek in a company. Specifically, we look for companies developing unique and proprietary products or technologies, which provide a barrier to competition through technological dominance or a strong intellectual property. We seek companies that target large, compelling market opportunities and entrepreneurial teams driven to succeed.

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Avalon Ventures is a San Diego-based venture capital fund focusing on seed and early stage companies in the wireless technology and life science industries and primarily in San Diego and California. Our current Fund, Avalon Ventures VII, L.P. is $75 million. Avalon VIII, a $150 million fund, will close in the Summer of 2007.

Avalon Ventures is one of the longest-standing venture capital firms in San Diego, investing in life sciences and information technology opportunities locally and around the country since 1983 through seven Avalon Ventures funds. The collective market capitalization of Avalon Ventures portfolio companies (most founded by Avalon partners) currently exceeds $11 billion.

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Catalyst seeks to forge enduring partnerships with entrepreneurs and co-investors to help create and grow successful businesses from exceptional ideas. We devote the time to understand the entrepreneur's vision, and are prepared to bring our extensive industry experience to the table to realize that vision. Our disciplined, five-tiered investment strategy is analytical, innovative, responsive, accountable, and fundamentally designed to minimize risk and maximize value:

Invest early - By investing at the early stage, we have the opportunity to work intimately with management and co-investors to refine and build on a company's development plan and business model. While we typically make our first investment in a start-up at the early stage, we reserve capital for significant support and participation later on. Catalyst typically makes a first investment in the range of $1-3 million, but may invest more or less than that, as appropriate. Generally, we expect to invest a total in the range of $7-12 million in a given portfolio company as it makes progress toward a successful exit.

Focus on technology solutions in health care - Our investment focus is on technology-based solutions in health care and the life sciences, rather than pure science. This approach allows us to participate across a spectrum of opportunities without taking on heavy scientific risk. Typical investments include medical devices and technology, life science instrumentation, and diagnostics.

Focus locally - We concentrate on opportunities in greater Boston and the northeastern United States. Not only is the Northeast a center of innovation in health care and life science, but focusing on ventures in our own neighborhood allows us to play an active leadership role and leverage our extensive network of relevant industry, academic, and clinical contacts.

Take the lead - We believe that taking the lead on our investments is crucial to providing value. Our experience tells us that superior returns are driven by a true partnership between investors and management, requiring active communication, energetic participation, and common goals.

Plan for the exit - A successful exit is a goal sought after by investors and entrepreneurs alike. To achieve this goal, a key component to our strategy is to finance companies until they reach financial independence, typically four to seven years. That means we are committed to working with management and co-investors to prepare each company for steady and growing revenues and profits. We plan for this goal at the outset and make subsequent financing decisions with an eye toward their impact on achieving the company's exit strategy.

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CHARTER LIFE SCIENCES (“CLS”) is an early stage life sciences venture capital investor. CLS makes initial portfolio company investments in early stage life sciences companies (see Investment Criteria), and we continue to support our portfolio companies with follow on investments until they are acquired or go public.

Our team is led by four Managing Directors that have been creating and building life sciences companies for twenty years. We take a team approach to all of our investments, and our team brings extensive scientific, clinical, regulatory, operational and finance experience to each of our portfolio companies.

We play an active role in helping early stage entrepreneurs build successful companies. Our time, energy and passion is devoted to investing in early stage life sciences opportunities. As a result, your company will be compared only against other early stage opportunities. So, at CLS, your preclinical biotech company will not be compared against a PIPE investment in an undervalued Phase III company. Early stage is what we do, and all we do.

We understand what it takes to build a management team from scratch, and we invest in companies with little or no existing management. We understand that early stage companies don’t have all the answers and don’t have all the data. We understand that many basic questions need investment capital to answer, and we understand that development plans and milestones are subject to lots of uncertainty and change. In short, we understand what it is to be an early stage entrepreneur, because each of us has been one.

Please look carefully at our investment criteria and our team, and if we are the type of partner that you would like to work with, please contact us.

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Since our founding in 2000, De Novo Ventures has built a healthcare investment firm that is differentiated by its approach, valued for its knowledge, and distinguished by its performance.

Our team holds a core belief that a combination of deep industry knowledge, proven operating skills, clinical expertise, and extensive investing experience in early stage healthcare companies is essential to generate superior investment returns.

Our Principals have an average of 20 years of experience in identifying opportunities and building companies within the medical device and biotechnology sectors. As former entrepreneurs, we have founded or co-founded medical technology companies that were acquired or taken public, generating over 5x in realized value. In addition, as managers of venture capital firms prior to the formation of De Novo, we have invested in over 35 companies, many of which have gone public or been acquired.

Over the past seven years, De Novo has made over 40 investments in both the biotechnology and medical device sectors. Seven exits have occurred from the first fund -- four successful IPOs: Favrille (NASDAQ: FVRL), Fox Hollow Technologies (NASDAQ: FOXH), Renovis (NASDAQ: RNVS), and SenoRx (NASDAQ: SENO) and three acquisitions: CryoVascular Systems and TriVascular, by Boston Scientific in April 2005 and Microvention by Terumo in March 2006. In addition, the second fund has had one exit to date – Hansen Medical (NASDAQ: HNSN).

Currently, De Novo has $650 million under management, and will invest $8-15 million over the life of an investment. Our mission is to provide capital and work with management teams to help build great healthcare companies. These companies then will do what matters most - address critical patient needs.

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Palo Alto, CA 94301
More than with any other investment opportunity, healthcare's bottom line is protecting and improving human lives. There is tremendous satisfaction in being a part of a company that helps physicians detect and cure life threatening diseases, or in funding a company with a device so simple to use that an eight-year-old just diagnosed with diabetes can keep her blood sugar level under control. Delphi has backed companies that have helped millions of individuals keep their illnesses at bay, allowing them to live better lives. We've been part of teams focused on making the delivery of care more efficient and affordable. While we seek to create extraordinary and profitable businesses, there is no greater return than knowing our investment of capital and leadership helps to save lives.

We are partners in innovation. Our job is to find and nurture teams determined to alter the course of healthcare and improve the way we live. The entrepreneurs with whom we partner drive the future of healthcare. They're discovering new ways to treat life-threatening diseases, designing new devices to make surgery less traumatic and treatments more precise, and bringing physicians, patients and caregivers closer together. And like us, our entrepreneurs are committed to putting care back (not costs) into the healthcare system.

While many factors determine success, the management team is one of the most critical. With extended product development cycles, markets and technology advances inevitably shift. But with the right team, supportive personal chemistry, and a willingness to garner expertise and guidance, nearly any obstacle can be tackled. We invest in people who are passionate about their mission and who demonstrate a relentless drive to transform their ideas into great healthcare companies.

Each Delphi partner has experience in one or more of our core investment areas of medical devices and biotechnology. Depending on the nature of the deal, one partner takes the lead in meeting with the team and investigating the opportunity, but it is not unusual for four or five partners to participate in the due diligence process. If it is of interest, we invite the company to present to the partnership. Every Delphi partner is a decision-maker and no one partner has "veto" power. All investments are carefully reviewed, discussed and debated. Then, together, we commit to move forward.

We have an extensive network of industry and academic contacts, including executives at Delphi-funded companies, scientists and clinicians. Because many of our partners have been senior managers at, or advisors to, healthcare companies, our network includes top-level business and medical professionals around the world. We're also involved in unique industry and academic initiatives like the Stanford University Bio-X program. As an early stage investor, Delphi gets an early look at market developments and advances that will shape the evolution of the rapidly growing $100 billion-plus world-wide medical device industry for the coming decade. Additionally, we draw on our extensive network of biotech clinical and scientific thought leaders and executives for deal flow and diligence that allows us to stay on the forefront of breakthroughs in biology, chemistry, and technology that will drive innovation in drug discovery and development.

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Menlo Park, CA 9650
Founded in 1985, Domain Associates, L.L.C. is a venture capital firm with an exclusive focus on life sciences. With $2.1 billion of capital under management, Domain is headquartered in Princeton, NJ with a second office in San Diego, CA.

Domain’s three major investment segments are pharmaceuticals, specialty pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, while additional areas of interest include biomaterials, bioinstrumentation, and diagnostics. The Partners of Domain have a total of close to 200 person-years of experience among them in the healthcare/venture capital industries and have been involved in the formation and growth of more than 190 life-sciences companies. The highly focused network, experience, and reputation of this team have made it one of the top private-equity groups participating in the healthcare field.

Domain invests primarily in young life science focused businesses with outstanding growth potential. We typically prefer to be a part of the first institutional financing round of the company. We look for companies with outstanding technology addressing unmet needs in very large markets led by stellar management. Once invested, Domain takes an active role in guiding the growth of the company, taking a seat on the Board of Directors in the vast majority of cases.

While the majority of Domain’s investments are in private companies, it is our belief that certain public companies also stand to benefit from our venture investing experience and represent opportunities for venture capital-like returns. These public companies are most often characterized by a need to define and implement a new corporate strategy - precisely what Domain’s investment professionals have years of experience doing in the private company setting. In most instances, Domain will retain a seat on the Board of Directors and be actively involved in the definition and implementation of the public company’s new strategy.

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Foundation Medical Partners is a leading national, independent, healthcare venture capital investment firm. Foundation was formed in 2001 with the vision of bringing together cutting edge life science expertise with deep company-building experience. Foundation specializes in early stage investments in the medical device, biopharmaceutical, and predictive medicine technology sectors. Foundation is an active venture investor, providing leadership, support, and strategic resources at every stage in a company’s development.

Proven Success, Top Tier Performance

Foundation Medical Partners was an early, active venture investor in such now-public companies as AtriCure (NASDAQ: ATRC), Combinatorx (NASDAQ: CRXX), Immunicon (NASDAQ: IMMC), and Northstar Neuroscience (NASDAQ: NSTR), as well as a portfolio of other market-leading privately held firms. Foundation actively manages over $150 million in venture capital, with a current market capitalization of its healthcare investments totaling over $1.6 billion.

Wide Network, Unparalleled Strategic Resources

Foundation Medical Partners draws on a wide network of specialized resources within the healthcare industry and academic medical environment. Contributing to Foundation’s clinical expertise is its unique strategic limited partnership affiliation with Cleveland Clinic. This partnership is a powerful asset for Foundation and its portfolio companies.

Foundation’s special relationship with Cleveland Clinic allows the firm and its portfolio companies to directly access and work closely with physicians, surgeons, and scientists throughout Cleveland Clinic. The enormous intellectual and experiential capacity made available to Foundation and its portfolio companies through this relationship is unparalleled in healthcare venture capital. Foundation leverages this to full advantage in deal sourcing and due diligence, as well as in key company building activities, such as scientific advisory board support, development partnerships, beta site testing, clinical trial leadership, or key reference customer development.

Pioneer in Medicine, World-Class Partner

Foundation Medical Partners’ strategic limited partner, Cleveland Clinic, is one of the most widely recognized and innovative medical centers in the world. Cleveland Clinic is a private, non-profit group practice that includes a 954-bed hospital, outpatient services, a research institute, and an education foundation. As a world-class academic medical center that is a designated national referral center and international health resource, Cleveland Clinic provides the full range of medical services. Cleveland Clinic was ranked in 2006 as one of the top three best hospitals in the United States by U.S. News & World Report's guide to America's Best Hospitals. The Cleveland Clinic Heart Center continues its reign as the best medical center for cardiac care, having received this number one ranking in the guide every year since 1994. Cleveland Clinic has been ranked in the top five in the prestigious Honor Roll of Hospitals since 1999. In addition to excellence in cardiac care, Cleveland Clinic was noted for exceptional performance in 15 of 17 medical specialties.

While Foundation Medical Partners enjoys all of the benefits of this strategic partnership with Cleveland Clinic, the firm maintains complete independence from the structural and governance perspectives and operates with the traditional independent venture capital model.

105 Rowayton Avenue
Rowayton, CT 06853
In the ever-complex world of healthcare, your partnership with a venture capital firm can truly make the difference between success and failure. At Frazier Healthcare Ventures, we understand the unique challenges and risks facing a growing entrepreneurial company in the healthcare industry because our sole focus is-and always has been-healthcare investing.

Founded in 1991 and with more than $1.2 billion of capital under management, Frazier Healthcare is one of the nation's leading providers of venture and growth equity capital to emerging healthcare companies. Having invested in more than 90 emerging healthcare companies, Frazier Healthcare is well known for its depth of experience and the technical expertise of its investment team. This experience encompasses product development and launch, clinical trial implementation and design, industry operating experience, academic research and clinical practice.

Partnering with Frazier Healthcare provides access to capital and an unparalleled breadth of relevant healthcare industry experience. We take pride in the fact that we not only provide venture and growth capital but also contribute to successful outcomes by working side by side with our entrepreneurs to help them address the many challenges that they encounter on the road to success.

601 Union
Two Union Square Suite 3200
Seattle, WA 98101
Gilde Healthcare Partners is a European venture capital firm with more than €250 million under management. It primarily invests in emerging companies working within the therapeutic, diagnostic and medical device sectors.

Gilde’s experience in venture capital dates back to the company’s inception in 1982. Gilde has a successful track record of funding entrepreneurs and establishing successful, enduring companies. It is this experience that lead to the establishment of Gilde Healthcare Partners and its first fund in 2000.

Since 2000, Gilde Healthcare Partners has invested in many companies across Europe and the US and realised several successful exits. In most of its investments Gilde act as a lead investor and becomes involved at board level.

Much of Gilde’s excellent market position in Europe and proven track record can be attributed to its people: an international team of investment professionals with key experience in private equity, operations, corporate finance, consultancy, biotech, pharma, M&A and turnaround.

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3584 BP Utrecht
The Netherlands
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Gold Hill is a leading provider of growth capital financing for venture-backed technology and life science companies. Our financing solutions aid in growing your company while providing maximum operational flexibility.

Gold Hill's vast and varied experience means that no other firm brings such an intelligent approach to your corporate financing. Our extensive background in commercial banking, investment banking, venture capital and operations, gives Gold Hill a unique perspective on enabling early-stage companies to make the smartest decisions for financing their companies, every step of the way.

With growth companies, everyone knows that cash is king… but so is time. Working with Gold Hill provides companies with one partner for every step in their growth, and one clear path to success.

Every client company works closely with a Gold Hill founding partner as their primary point of contact. Working with Gold Hill, you will always be working directly with a partner and decision-maker.

Financing Growth

Gold Hill's primary objective is to finance your growth. Whether funding product development, developing sales and marketing programs, expanding headcount, or simply finding working capital for operational purposes – we provide financing solutions that grow your company at the time when you need it most.

We augment our clients' hard-earned equity so they can build value within their enterprise before returning to the venture or public markets or seeking an M&A partner.

By using debt to finance fixed-asset purchases or provide working capital, entrepreneurs can employ their equity dollars in business areas that create real value – accelerating product development or attracting key hires. Gold Hill financing solutions create more than a runway – they forge a path to success.

Gold Hill's target investment profile includes companies focused on a rapidly growing market, with demonstrated industry leadership and active investor sponsorship.

Creating Flexibility

Gold Hill engineers creative venture financing solutions to help companies achieve their goals; offering loans and investments tailored to meet the needs of each enterprise. Our range of solutions includes:

  • Growth Capital Financing
  • Working Capital Financing
  • Equipment Financing
  • Subordinated Debt
  • Convertible Debt
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Direct Equity

Gold Hill is committed to building long-term partnerships with our clients' management teams and venture investors.

Simplified Solutions

Working with Gold Hill, savvy entrepreneurs and management teams find a single partner with the power to offer all of the products and services of conventional banks (through its close relationship with Silicon Valley Bank) while incorporating a variety of next-generation financing solutions in a single source.

Gold Hill leverages its extensive network of relationships to provide solutions and introductions to other investors, advisors and financial providers that enable our companies to grow intelligently.

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Newton, MA 02462
Our business is about helping entrepreneurs — the people who change the way we live and work by creating new products and services — convert their ideas and ambitions into reality. As an investor and partner, InterWest provides valuable industry, strategic, and corporate development expertise, as well as capital resources, to help young companies succeed.

Investment Size and Stages

InterWest invests an average of about $7 - 15 million over the span of our involvement with each company in our portfolio. We invest in companies through the full range of venture investment stages, and investments may be staged over several rounds of financing. Although we generally begin our involvement in the early stages of a company's development, we pursue attractive opportunities based on their individual merits rather than their investment stage.

Leadership and Commitment

InterWest is the lead investor in more than 70% of the investments we make, reflecting our ability to marshal resources and organize financings on behalf of our portfolio companies. We maintain relationships with our portfolio companies for an average of 5 years and in some cases for 10 years or more. An InterWest general partner serves as a director for 85% of the companies in our portfolio, often continuing to serve even after the partnership's investment in the company has been returned.

This high level of personal commitment enables us to deliver on our fundamental promise to the entrepreneurs we back: to add value beyond the capital we contribute.

2710 Sand Hill Road
Second Floor
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Latterell Venture Partners was formed in 2001 to invest exclusively in early stage healthcare companies, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, research instrument, biomaterial, medical device and diagnostic ventures.

The differentiating feature of LVP is the unique blend of technical, clinical, operational, entrepreneurial and venture capital skills of our partners. Our team consists of a seasoned venture capitalist from Venrock, a twenty year research veteran from Genentech, a leading clinician engineer from Stanford Medical School, a former senior research and development executive from Roche Pharmaceuticals and Centocor, a successful medical device entrepreneur and senior R&D executive from Boston Scientific and a former biopharmaceutical entrepreneur and CEO from Molecular Biosystems. The partners work collaboratively with each other and with entrepreneurs drawing upon each other's strengths and spending significant amounts of time together to ensure the optimal success of each of our portfolio companies.

LVP has more than $300 million of committed capital to help our startup ventures achieve success.

One Embarcadero Center
Suite 4050
San Francisco, CA 94111
Montreux Equity Partners, based in Menlo Park, CA, is a life sciences focused venture capital firm that invests in pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Montreux’s goal is to generate significant capital gains for both our investors and the entrepreneurs that we support. Montreux has over $190 million under management and is currently investing out of funds with over $170 million in capital.

The firm’s investment team brings more than 70 years of operating and investing experience as entrepreneurs, managers and investors of life sciences focused companies. Montreux investment professionals have been involved as founders, investors and board members in more than 45 life science companies over the past 25 years including Oclassen Pharmaceuticals (sold to Watson Pharmaceuticals in 1997), Target Therapeutics (sold to Boston Scientific in 1997), Prograft Medical (sold to W.L. Gore in 1997), Innovasive Devices (sold to Johnson & Johnson in 1998), Collagen (sold to Inamed in 1999), ProDuct Health (sold to Cytyc in 2001), Interventional Technologies (sold to Boston Scientific in 2001), Enteric Medical (sold to Boston Scientific in 2002), Conceptus (NASDAQ: CPTS), Integrated Biosystems (sold to STEDIM in 2004), Coalescent Surgical (sold to Medtronic in 2004), Peninsula Pharmaceuticals (sold to Johnson & Johnson in 2005), Somaxon Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: SOMX), Cerexa (sold to Forest Laboratories, 2007), Neurogesx (NASDAQ: NGSX), Orexigen Therapeutics (NASDAQ: OREX) and NovaCardia (sold to Merck, 2007).

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Morgenthaler Ventures has worked with outstanding entrepreneurs to build valuable companies for over 39 years. We have $2.5 billion under management, including $450 million in our current fund (capitalized in October of 2005). Today, our venture capital team focuses its investments in two areas: Life sciences and information technology. We are headquartered in Menlo Park, CA, with offices in Boulder, CO; Boston, MA; Cleveland, OH and Princeton, NJ. Our passion for company building has earned us the respect of our partners and exceptional results for our investors.

Our Approach

Our goal is simple: To partner with industry-leading entrepreneurs and provide them with the highest level of support possible as they build their companies. We have a team of 11 investment professionals who sit on an average of five to seven boards or less. This allows us to provide the active, value-added services required to help our portfolio companies grow rapidly. We have followed this winning philosophy with more than 250 companies.

We expect to invest between $5 and $15 million total in each company over several rounds. Initial investments can be as small as $500 thousand. Of our recent investments, 80% have been in Series A.

We focus our energies in two investment areas: Information technology and life sciences.

Information Technology

Our interest in information technology can be broken down into five areas: Materials and Devices, Semiconductors and Components, Systems, Software, and Services.

Life Sciences

We invest in a broad spectrum of life sciences companies, particularly those in the fields of: Therapeutic Biopharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Health-care Services.


David Morgenthaler founded the firm in 1968 after a successful career as an operating executive. After his venture-backed business was sold to an international company, Dave decided that there was a tremendous opportunity for private venture capital investing. He then built a small Cleveland-based venture capital firm with a goal of investing in a variety of private technology companies nationally. He also took a leadership role in establishing the legitimacy and potential of the nascent venture capital industry.

Among his many contributions to the emerging industry, Dave was president of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) when the capital gains tax reduction was enacted in 1978, and played a leading role in testifying before Congress for the new legislation. He was also instrumental in helping pass the ERISA legislation of 1979, allowing for pension funds to invest in private equity for the first time. Dave was given the first National Venture Capital Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998 in recognition for his contributions.

Morgenthaler began raising institutional funds in the 1980s, and has since grown to become a uniquely national firm. Today, our venture capital practice is based in Menlo Park, CA, with offices in Boston, MA; Boulder, CO; and Princeton, NJ. Our Cleveland office serves as the headquarters for our middle-market management buyout group.

We have worked with entrepreneurs in more than 250 companies since the firm's founding. We strive to be the entrepreneur's most trusted partner.

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Menlo Park, CA 94025
NeuroVentures Fund LP (the “Fund”) is a targeted $20 million venture capital fund dedicated primarily to investing in companies engaged in the development and marketing of drugs, devices, therapeutics, diagnostics and other medical products and technologies for neuroscience markets. The mission of the Fund is to invest in the highest quality companies, in terms of management, products, technology and science, which are addressing the broad set of unmet medical needs in diseases and disorders of the Central Nervous System.

Over the next few years, we expect the Fund will establish a portfolio of 10 to 12 leading CNS companies of various types, at various stages of development, and targeting multiple market segments. We believe NeuroVentures investment model of focused expert resources and portfolio approach will provide the foundation for a follow-on fund similarly focused on CNS investments.

Investment Strategies

As a focused fund, NeuroVentures investment advantage is based on its focus, expertise, and extensive contacts in the medical, scientific and venture capital communities. We leverage these resources and capabilities to identify the most promising new companies. In addition, we look for opportunities where we can contribute more than capital.

Our strategy is to target investments in the range of $200,000 to $2,000,000. We are looking to diversify in the following three ways:

  1. Development stage (discovery, development, market)
  2. Company type (biopharmaceutical, device, diagnostic, other)
  3. Market focus (neurodegeneration, pain, stroke, cancer, etc.)

We are committed to taking leading roles with portfolio companies and providing time, expertise, and contacts to assist our companies in the successful formation, funding and execution of their business strategies. We believe this hands-on approach has helped us solidify our reputation as valued investors both with our portfolio companies and other venture investors.

We are actively seeking investment opportunities that meet the following investment criteria:

  • Proven management team
  • Products that address the mechanism of disease or dramatically impact patient outcomes
  • Products with market potential > $100 million
  • Strong intellectual property position and competitive advantage
  • Well-defined regulatory and reimbursement strategy
  • Milestone-driven development strategy with focus on successful follow-on financings
  • Clear exit strategy with multiple options

Zero Court Square
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Every entrepreneur knows the thrill of a great idea. They’ve felt the pride of nurturing a vision and watching it grow. So, when it comes time for them to fly, they want a venture partner who shares that spirit and knows what it takes to make a company succeed.

Remaining Nimble As We’ve Grown

NEA has been helping to build great companies since 1978. Our committed capital has grown to approximately $8.5 billion and we’ve funded over 550 companies in the IT and Healthcare sectors. Yet, even as we’ve grown, we’ve remained nimble—able to respond quickly to shifting markets and emerging opportunities.

An Uncommon Blend of People and Vision

A lasting record of success, like NEA’s, is no fluke and a solid reputation cannot be created from thin air. Success takes an uncommon blend of the right people, the vision, the very best opportunities, and—of course—the capital.

Your Success – Our Yardstick

NEA is the entrepreneur’s venture capital firm. The NEA model is built on the philosophy of team achievement and we collectively measure our success by the ultimate yardstick—our entrepreneurs success. With NEA as your venture partner you will be surrounded and supported by a deep and committed team wholly intent upon your success.

For the Long Term, Not a Quick Turn

NEA entrepreneurs welcome the sustaining capital we offer, but they soon come to value us for a deeper reason: NEA doesn’t just fund them to get off the ground, NEA helps them build strong businesses for the long term, not the quick turn.

Performance at Every Stage

Whether you are seeking investment to get your idea off the ground or looking to fuel a proven idea toward greatness, NEA is the partner who helps you make it happen at every stage.

2490 Sand Hill Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025
  (650) 854-9499
Nexus Medical Partners is a private equity firm, headquartered in Boston, MA, specializing in making private equity investments in and providing strategic assistance to medical technology and selected life science companies.

Each of the Nexus Principals averages twenty years in the business. In addition to being experienced equity investors, the backgrounds of the Principals include successful careers in medical device and pharmaceutical line management of both established and emerging companies, medical industry business development, Wall Street analysis and legal practice.

Nexus Medical Partners closed its second private equity fund in 2006.

One Boston Place
Suite 3630
Boston, MA 02108
OrbiMed is a preeminent asset management firm focused on the global health sciences industry, with over $5 billion in assets under management across a family of venture capital funds, hedge funds and other investment vehicles. OrbiMed's investment advisory activities were founded in 1989 by Samuel D. Isaly with a vision to invest across the spectrum of healthcare companies: from small privately-held firms to large multinational companies.

OrbiMed's investment team includes over 20 experienced professionals with backgrounds in science, medicine, finance and law. Our professionals work together in a collaborative, team-oriented approach. OrbiMed seeks to be the capital provider of choice for life sciences companies pursuing growth and new opportunities. Where appropriate, particularly within its venture capital activities, OrbiMed supports its invested companies in achieving strategic, financial and operational objectives via participation at the Board of Directors level. OrbiMed professionals currently serve on the Board of Directors of many different life sciences companies.

767 Third Avenue
30th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Oxford Bioscience Partners (OBP), established in 1992, is a venture capital firm that provides equity financing and management assistance to emerging, entrepreneurial-driven companies within the life sciences and healthcare sectors. Experienced partners, who bring together deep domain knowledge in life sciences, have established a proven track record of identifying, validating and backing emerging trends and technologies. While willing to consider an investment in a company at almost any stage, OBP brings unique value and expertise to early-stage situations. With approximately $1B of committed capital under management, OBP has invested in over 140 life science companies worldwide, and has successfully leveraged the extensive research, operating, and financial expertise and experience of its team of investment professionals.

Venture investing provides the capital and management support necessary to assist entrepreneurs in transforming their ideas and innovative talents into unique products and services within a rapidly changing marketplace.

The dynamics of the healthcare landscape continue to provide opportunities to improve upon existing diagnostic, interventional and therapeutic modalities. Key developments such as the growing convergence between the biotechnology and medical device fields, as well as the growing application of information technology to the life sciences, have created numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop ideas with the potential to transform medical practice.

At Oxford Bioscience Partners, we are committed to bringing short and long-term value to the companies in which we invest. We serve on Boards of Directors to assist management in creating and implementing their business and product development strategies, recruiting key executives, and undertaking additional financing initiatives. In addition, we have been particularly successful in facilitating corporate partnerships on a worldwide basis.

OBP has created a diverse deal pipeline, from multiple sources, that continuously supplies us with new investment opportunities. While we review hundreds of business plans annually, we select no more than a few of the strongest and most promising to become new OBP portfolio companies. We organize “think tanks” in emerging technology areas, bringing together panels of industry leaders, academic experts, and OBP professionals to explore the potential for creating a company based upon new scientific and technological developments. These think tanks have provided the inspiration for start-up companies in which OBP played a founding investor role. We typically make investments between $1,000,000 and $10,000,000 yet will also provide smaller amounts in the form of seed capital in select situations. Prior to investing, we work with the founders and management team, as well as with other venture capital investors to determine an optimal level of capitalization, and set a strategy for future financing activities. In most cases, we act as the lead investor to organize an appropriate syndicate of co-investors whose expertise and investment approach is aligned with our own. OBP provides equity financing to companies at all stages, and will consider almost all geographic locations.

Oxford Bioscience Partners focuses its investments in the areas of Medical Devices, R&D Instruments and Systems, Therapeutics, and companies with Breakthrough Technologies in the life sciences. Within each of these sectors we have defined an investment strategy that incorporates and capitalizes on the changes that have occurred both in the life science industries and in the post-bubble economy.

OBP has also invested in non-life science based technologies which have novel healthcare applications. The next ten years will bring numerous discoveries in science and medicine that will create opportunities for knowledgeable and qualified life science venture capital investors to earn extraordinary returns. We believe that Oxford Bioscience Partners is uniquely positioned to continue to lead the industry in creating valuable and important businesses and bringing the products of those businesses to the market.

The General Partners and team of investment professionals have combined experience in operational, financial and scientific roles in the life science industry. The team has played significant leadership roles in a number of public and private life science companies, including acting as founders and directors of start-up ventures as well as executive officers of both large cap pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The combination of broad experience in the capital markets and in-house access to an extensive network of scientific and industry experts places OBP in a unique position to exploit important advances in medical science, gain insights into new developments in emerging and future science, as well as pursue a practical approach to creating and maximizing shareholder value.

OBP remains receptive to investing in a wide scope of new initiatives and businesses. Leveraging their diverse domain expertise, the 11 investment professionals at OBP are well-suited to identify and assess investment opportunities quickly and accurately, often before the development of many emerging markets. Many of our portfolio companies which have been considered “first in class” in the areas of genomics, drug discovery, and medical devices, are the result of our ability to anticipate the future needs and trends of many new diagnostic and therapeutic markets, as well as the applications of novel life science products and tools.

Augmenting the expertise of OBP’s investment professionals is our staff of Executives-in-Residence. Collectively, they have developed billion dollar drugs, built and managed successful R&D and commercial organizations, transacted multi-billion dollar partnerships, and successfully bought and sold companies. They bring to OBP the ability to open doors to new markets, to source and drive investments in emerging areas, and to deliver experience and value to OBP's portfolio companies, providing a clear competitive advantage to the OBP team.

222 Berkeley St
Suite 1650
Boston, MA 02116
Founded in 1994, Pappas Ventures has more than $250 million in capital under management. In early 2005 we began investing out of Pappas Ventures III ($108 million in committed capital). We have guided the launch and/or development of some 40 life sciences companies, and to date a quarter of them have completed initial public offerings or successfully merged with corporate partners. Our scientific, medical and business professionals work closely with exceptional entrepreneurs to provide our portfolio companies with the financing, guidance and extensive network of relationships necessary to build successful enterprises.

In a world of invention and change, we’ve built a reputation for stability and leadership – and the outstanding results of our portfolio companies attest to this crucial balance. Entrepreneurs and investors come to Pappas Ventures with different goals, but they find a common ground, transforming visions into solid value.

At Pappas Ventures, we are committed to adding value to our portfolio companies through partnership-style relationships based on mutual respect, uncompromised integrity, and a strong belief in the power of collaboration. We take a long-term orientation, a reflection of our exclusive focus on investing in the life sciences arena. Every endeavor we undertake – every new investment we make – is based on these basic principles.

We encourage you to get to know us, by exploring our website and contacting members of our team if you know of investment opportunities that we should consider.

The strength of Pappas Ventures lies in our clear vision and singular focus. We invest exclusively in the life sciences sector – biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, drug delivery, medical devices and related ventures. Because of our singleminded focus, we know how to connect the dots along the uncertain pathway that life sciences companies must travel in their pursuit of success. Our longstanding relationships throughout the industry, for example, enable us to help our portfolio companies find just the right talent for their management teams. Our deep understanding of the drug development process yields valuable insight and guidance that our management teams can use in crafting clinical and regulatory strategies. Our ties to other respected venture investors can lead to additional capital to fund the future growth of our portfolio companies.

Unlike many of our VC brethren, we invest a substantial portion (about half) of our capital in early-stage companies that have yet to begin testing their products in clinical trials. We invest the other half in companies whose lead products are at the Phase 1 or Phase 2 stage of development.

From the very beginning we’ve invested on a national basis, deploying about a third of our capital in California, and an equal amount in important biotech hotspots along the East Coast (including our home territory, the Research Triangle area of North Carolina). What further differentiates us, however, is that we have an equally long record of investing in under-served regions – such as Texas, Indiana, Montreal – that have outstanding centers of medical research, but which don’t attract a commensurate share of venture capital. We continue to see these under-served markets as an important, and growing, opportunity.

2520 Meridian Parkway
Suite 400
Durham, NC 27713
Polaris Venture Partners is a partnership of experienced venture capital investors and technology executives. Our mission is to identify and invest in seed, first round, and early stage information technology and life science businesses with exceptional promise and help them grow into sustainable, market-leading companies. In addition, Polaris is committed to providing growth equity and shareholder liquidity to established companies in the technology, healthcare, manufacturing, media, communications, and business services sectors. As a national venture capital firm with offices in the high-tech centers of Boston and Seattle, we’re able to invest in businesses throughout the United States and around the world. The firm has over $3 billion under management and current investments in more than 90 companies.

Our Investment Strategy

Diversification is the cornerstone of Polaris' investment strategy. We invest in seed, early stage, and high growth middle market companies. Early stage efforts focus on information technology and life sciences companies. Middle market investments focus on businesses in technology, healthcare, digital media, ecommerce, consumer products and services, and business service sectors. As the lead or co-lead investor in virtually all of our portfolio companies, we take an active, long-term role in helping them develop into successful, market-leading companies.

Our Target Markets

Early Stage: Our early stage efforts are focused on information technology and life sciences. Within the information technology sector, Polaris has invested in companies developing Internet and broadband infrastructure, enterprise software products, e-commerce products and services, digital media, entertainment and consumer software, network hardware, and network software. In the life sciences sector, the firm has invested in companies developing medical devices, pharmaceuticals, genomics, proteomics, drug delivery, medical services, and consumer products and services.

Middle Market: Our private equity efforts are focused on high growth middle market companies in industries including technology, healthcare, digital media, consumer products and services and business services. The firm's investments include minority growth equity investments, recapitalizations with liquidity, and leveraged buyouts.

Our Operating Approach

At Polaris we provide more than capital. We add value to the companies in which we invest by actively partnering with each entrepreneur and management team to help propel their ideas into market leading businesses.

As part of the support we provide our portfolio companies, we recruit and attract employees at all levels. We identify and structure strategic partnerships. We raise additional equity and debt financing. And, we're available 24/7 to help solve problems, identify opportunities, and detect "land mines." At the same time, we know the difference between being a coach and a player. We respect the individuality and inspiration that drive the entrepreneurs in whom we invest.

We also take a long-term view of our partnerships. We know that building a successful company takes time. In partnering for the life cycle of companies, we provide access to Polaris' expertise and network at all stages of a company's development and across all strategic areas of the business.

Our Network

Polaris-backed companies become part of a network of high-level venture capital, private equity, operating, and entrepreneurial experts. Polaris-backed companies gain access not only to Polaris' extensive resources, but also to the resources of our extended network of advisors including senior executives of public and private businesses, established thought leaders in academia, and preeminent faculty and practitioners at hospitals, labs and R&D facilities of the country's leading universities. These outstanding individuals provide the companies we back with expertise in areas such as market dynamics, business development, R&D, financial and strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

1000 Winter Street
Suite 3350
Waltham, MA 02451
Quaker BioVentures is a venture capital firm investing only in life science companies. The firm leads investments across the spectrum of the life science industry, including biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, human diagnostics, specialty pharmaceuticals, and healthcare services. Quaker BioVentures invests in companies at all stages of development, from early stage businesses to public companies. The firm was formed in 2003 and is currently investing Quaker BioVentures II, which was formed in 2007. Quaker BioVentures manages over $500M in committed capital.

Investment Approach

Quaker BioVentures was founded on the premise that the Mid-Atlantic region is a rich source of life science investment opportunities, and is underserved by venture capital. Historically, the research institutions between New York and North Carolina have received more NIH funding and have generated significantly more life science patents than the institutions on the entire West Coast. Despite this tremendous technology creation, life science companies in the Mid-Atlantic region still receive significantly less venture capital funding than the west coast. Importantly, the area is home to most of the world's large pharmaceutical companies that provide access to spin-out, collaborations, experienced management, and exit opportunities.

Quaker BioVentures remains committed to concentrating its investment efforts in the Mid-Atlantic region. Beginning in 2007, the firm expanded its geographic scope to include opportunistic investments in the Southeast and contiguous areas.

Sector Focus

Quaker BioVentures considers investment opportunities across the life science industry. The fund is particularly interested in companies developing human therapeutic products as well as companies pursuing platform technologies for the biopharmaceutical industry. Quaker BioVentures also invests in, medical devices, human diagnostics, specialty pharmaceuticals, and healthcare service companies.

Investment Size

Quaker BioVentures typically invests between $5 million and $20 million in each company with initial investments ranging from $2.5 million to $10 million. The fund seeks investments in companies of all stages, focusing on development stage companies. Quaker BioVentures prefers to lead or co-lead investments with active board involvement, including Series A financings through Private Investments in Public Entities.

Investment Criteria

  • Management team with successful track record
  • Superior Technology
  • Breakthrough technology, product or service
  • Solid intellectual property
  • Large Markets
  • Potential to become substantial, sustainable enterprise
  • Attractive to wide range of potential co-development and marketing partners
  • Clear strategy of product and company development
  • Financially Attractive
  • Appropriate valuation
  • Ability to form strong investment syndicate
  • Multiple exit strategies
  • Headquartered in the East Coast, preferably in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast

Cira Centre
2929 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Split Rock Partners invests in emerging healthcare, software and Internet services companies in the Upper Midwest and West Coast. We are an early-stage venture capital firm that was founded in June 2004 by the former healthcare and software investment teams of St. Paul Venture Capital (SPVC). The Split Rock team managed over $1 billion of venture capital during our tenure at SPVC, and continues to manage the SPVC healthcare and software portfolio. In May of 2005, we raised $275 million in our inaugural Split Rock Partners fund.

The Split Rock team believes that it takes great people to translate promising ideas into compelling businesses. We are grounded in a fundamental respect for entrepreneurs and the rare combination of elements required when pioneering new markets. We start by looking for entrepreneurs with the passion, vision, and skills to build leading companies. We then work with entrepreneurs collaboratively, building partnerships based on integrity and mutual respect. The Split Rock team complements management expertise with over 80 years of venture investing and entrepreneurial management experience. We are proud of the strong relationships we have built with talented entrepreneurs and co-investors throughout our history and look forward to building on that tradition.

Healthcare Investment Strategy

Split Rock's healthcare team is focused on leading investments in early-stage companies across the medical device space, concentrating in the West Coast and Upper Midwest regions. We focus on identifying early the most promising companies and new technologies. In addition to early-stage investing, we will also invest in select life sciences opportunities where we can facilitate additional growth, spin-outs, or restructurings. We actively seek to find and build companies focused on treatments for relatively underserved disease segments.

Further, our close relationship with the leading healthcare incubators, The Foundry and ForSight Labs, provides a significant advantage to our growing companies with an extended network for promising entrepreneurs.

Medical Device Investment Criteria

With experience founding, leading, and investing in device companies over the last 25 years, the Split Rock team has developed a strong reputation, extensive network, and deep experience in medical devices. Our approach is to partner with dedicated entrepreneurs to deliver disruptive innovations to physicians. With this in mind, we seek medical device companies in line with the following criteria:

  • Proven entrepreneurs and co-investors
  • Large, underserved therapeutic areas
  • Significant market size (typically greater than $500 million)
  • Rapid development timeline (commercialization potential in less than 5 years)
  • Therapeutic in nature
  • Strong intellectual property position

Other Healthcare Investment Criteria

In addition to investing in the medical device sector, we will also invest in select life sciences opportunities that meet our criteria of strong value propositions, significant market opportunities, business models built on sustainable competitive advantage and, most importantly, exceptional management teams.

1600 El Camino Real
Suite 290
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Sutter Hill Ventures has financed technology-based start-ups and assisted entrepreneurs in building market-leading companies since 1964. Through our decades of experience, we have developed strong industry networks, considerable operating and venture capital experience, and an understanding of the challenges that early-stage and high-growth companies face. We offer expertise in developing business strategy and partnerships, building management teams, and financing companies in both public and private markets.

We are experienced operating executives who love building companies. Our approach is straightforward. We have a collegial and uncomplicated operating style that is direct and results-driven. We work as a team to respond quickly to new investment proposals and to our portfolio companies' needs. Once we invest in a company, we bring to bear our time, expertise, and extensive industry networks to help these companies succeed. Building companies is our top priority and our favorite occupation.

We have structured Sutter Hill to allow us to invest in a focused portfolio of early-stage companies and build value for the long-term. We're always available to our CEOs and founders as advisors and mentors ready with practical and strategic advice from our own venture capital and operating experiences. We don't insist on winning every argument, but we will always tell you what we think. We also have a network of executives, advisors, and support infrastructure to help our portfolio get going in the right direction quickly. As former line managers ourselves, we know the vision, energy and commitment that building a successful company requires. We strive to build partnerships with entrepreneurs that combine dedicated support from Sutter Hill with trust that the teams we back can make good decisions and execute on the details.

Our limited partners have committed long-term support to our evergreen fund which allows us to make long-term commitments to our companies. In addition, a significant portion of every dollar we invest is our own money, and each one of us participates in every investment. This direct investment reinforces each partner's commitment to every company in our portfolio and ensures that we bring every available resource to bear in helping our companies succeed.

755 Page Mill Road
Suite A-200
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1005
Three Arch Partners was formed in 1993 to provide young companies with access to relevant clinical and business resources, as well as capital. Three Arch has helped create, build and fund more than fifty important new healthcare companies. These companies have often become the clinical and market leaders in their respective fields, and have generated strong returns. The fund focuses on opportunities in medical devices and healthcare services, and less frequently in biotechnology.

Since inception, Three Arch has focused on identifying and creating new healthcare companies in markets with significant unmet clinical or infrastructure needs. The general partners do not wait for ideas to come to them, but actively create and source technology and management. As often, the fund assists physicians and inventors in establishing companies. Our involvement may include securing capital, assembling management, technical, and regulatory teams, and providing interim operational support.

Venture capital investors do not make companies successful. Our responsibility is to back the right men and women. We provide help when requested or required. Our experience in investing and in entrepreneurship and our network of academic and industry contacts help ensure young companies access to key resources. We do not know all of the answers. But we can help understand the problems, and often know someone that can provide specific help. With young companies, the focus is always on reducing the time, risk, and capital requirements from discovery, through product development, to commercialization.

The partnership manages over $1 billion in capital. We are actively seeking new investments. Three Arch Partners III, a $200 million fund raised in late 1999, is focused on seed and early stage opportunities. Three Arch Capital, a $300 million fund raised in 2000, is focused on development stage companies. Three Arch Partners IV, a $450 million fund, was raised in 2004, invests in seed, early, and development stage companies. Prior funds of $30 million and $80 million were raised in 1994 and 1997. Each of the Three Arch partnerships has had a parallel entrepreneur's fund.

3200 Alpine Road
Portola Valley, CA 94028
  (650) 529-8000
Whether you're an entrepreneur or a venture capitalist, you'll find a warm welcome at Triathlon Medical Ventures. Prior to opening our doors in 2004, Triathlon's team has been investing in life science business opportunities for more than fifteen years. And we are also industry veterans, experienced at growing medical device and biotechnology companies from the inside out - as owners, directors and operational managers.

Triathlon Medical Ventures is a Midwest-based venture capital firm that invests exclusively in the life sciences. We provide equity capital to early and expansion stage companies with proprietary biomedical technology platforms or products addressing significant human healthcare needs.

We are geographically focused on early stage opportunities in the Midwest but will also invest in later stage companies nationwide. We are headquartered in Cincinnati, with offices and partners in Indianapolis, Louisville and St. Louis. The partners are industry veterans with extensive experience as both operational managers and venture capitalists.

We invite you now to explore these web pages and consider how Triathlon Medical Ventures might be the right partner for your investment opportunity.

Industry Focus

We focus on life science companies that can provide exceptional value to patients, clinicians or providers. Guided by our experience as industry professionals and venture capital investors, we invest in medical device, biotechnology and diagnostic companies developing breakthrough products and therapies. We do not consider healthcare information technology or service opportunities.

Stage and Geographic focus:

By virtue of our regional presence and capital funding, Triathlon is one of the leading sources of early-stage life science investment capital in the Midwest. We make investments in early-stage opportunities, typically when there are only a few employees and great idea. We look for a solid business plan with a unique solution to an unmet medical need, and experienced management. For these early stage opportunities we invest exclusively in the Midwest.

We also invest nationally in mid- to later-stage life science companies that meet the same strategic, technical and business criteria. However these companies should already have a seasoned management team in place that is effectively executing the business vision, a clear proof of clinical efficacy, and an existing knowledgeable, committed, and well-capitalized investor group.

Investment Strategy

Triathlon provides the capital and business acumen to help life science teams reach the next stage of development. We work together at a Board level to build a compelling business strategy, provide critical academic and research contacts and syndicate subsequent financings through our venture capital, investment banking and industry networks.


Syndication of all investments is important to us. We lead as well as co-invest. We will invest from $0.5 to $3 million in the initial round and up to $7 million total per company in subsequent rounds. Triathlon will lead most early-stage investments and fewer of the later stage investment rounds.

As an entrepreneur or company CEO, think of Triathlon as a value- adding partner providing both capital and business expertise. As an investor think of Triathlon as both a source of new high quality investment opportunities and as a co-investor with life science expertise.

Investment Criteria

Triathlon is focused on life science investment opportunities that meet the following criteria:

  • Proprietary technology
  • Unique product
  • Significant unmet clinical need or cost reduction
  • Large potential market
  • Clear and defined business vision
  • Management's ability to execute
  • Appropriate investment return

250 East Fifth Street
1100 Chiquita Center
Cincinnati, OH 45202
U.S. Venture Partners (USVP) has helped build great companies for nearly three decades. Since its inception in 1981, USVP has invested more than $1.8 billion in over 350 companies. Throughout, USVP's partners have worked diligently and consistently with early-stage companies, many of which have become industry leaders.

The USVP team consists of accomplished venture investors, former CEOs, senior executives and technology company founders that span four generations of high-technology venture investing. This engenders a perspective on business cycles, "hot" market trends, technology evolution and revolution that is not present among all early-stage investors. Together, we have more than 150 years of operating experience and 100 years of investment expertise. Founding partner Bill Bowes, who has 50 years of venture investment experience, was also the founder of Amgen, a $70 billion pharmaceutical company.

Our investment interests include components, software, systems, services, and life sciences. Areas of current focus include semiconductors, software as a service, networking solutions for storage, wireless data, the Internet version 2.0, biomedical devices and new drugs with profound social benefits.

We invest at a steady pace even during periods when technology investing is out of favor. We do so because we take a long view and expect most of our companies to take five years or more to become established and self-sustaining. The immediate economic environment at a company's beginning is not particularly relevant to its ultimate success or value. This approach resulted in 19 new deals in 2002, for example, 15 of which were first-round investments. USVP invested in a similar number of start-ups in 2003 (15) and 2004 (18). Since 1981, USVP has invested more than $1.8 billion in over 350 companies. Sixty-nine companies achieved IPO as of the end of 2004. Many others have realized positive merger outcomes.


USVP's track record of helping to build significant companies from the embryonic stage began in the early 1980s with investments in companies such as Sun Microsystems and AMCC, both of which continue to be market leaders supplying computer systems and VLSI circuits respectively.

The firm's deep industry expertise, technical strengths, team approach, network of outstanding people, and access to capital from "blue chip" limited partners have made a positive impact on hundreds of information technology and life sciences companies. Our portfolios have included investments in data communications leaders Xylan (acquired by Alcatel), Crescendo (acquired by Cisco), and StrataCom (acquired by Cisco). USVP invested in Checkpoint Software, a leading provider of firewalls and virtual private networks, which went public in 1996. USVP was the initial investor in Nuance, a leader in the growing speech technology marketplace that later went public in 2000. More recently USVP invested in Monta Vista Software, a global provider of embedded Linux operating systems and in Leadis, a fabless chip company developing integrated circuits for cellular handsets. Both companies are poised for market leadership in rapidly growing segments. These are just a few of the USVP success stories. It is too early to say which of the companies USVP funded in the 21st century will become the next market leaders, dominant competitors and great technology investments. However, we are confident that, with the quality teams we have backed and the large markets they are addressing, these great companies are in the USVP portfolio mix.

We are now investing our ninth fund, which represents the continued confidence of our limited partners in our ability to help build valuable companies. We believe the current USVP portfolios are very strong and reflect our sustained investment activity throughout the ups and downs of the technology business cycle. With more than 100 active companies in the USVP portfolios, we expect the firm to play a seminal role in the progress of information technology and life science industries well into the future.

2735 Sand Hill Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025
The professionals at Venrock offer a balance of industry expertise, judgment, dedication and integrity that has made the firm an effective partner of entrepreneurial teams since our inception in 1969. By acting as a catalyst for company growth, Venrock delivers results through strategic insight, operating guidance and business development activities.

The 21 investment professionals of Venrock bring extensive knowledge and domain expertise to our business-building partnerships with our portfolio companies. Our deep involvement at the board level increases the likelihood and scale of the entrepreneurs' success. Venrock has invested in approximately 400 companies, 65% in IT and energy sectors, 35% in healthcare; 94 are currently held, 122 resulted in IPOs and 111 exits were M&As. Venrock's collaboration with entrepreneurs brings investment returns that have achieved consistently superior performance since 1969.

Fifteen of our investment team have operational experience and 10 are former entrepreneurs and/or CEOs. Five principals earned Ph.D.s, two are M.D.s, 6 were educated as electrical engineers and computer scientists, one is a nuclear engineer, and 14 have M.B.A.s. The team brings over 173 collective years experience in venture capital, mostly at Venrock.

Ultimately, it's about the investment team working closely with the entrepreneur to shape strategy, build organizations, attract talent and customers, and develop critical industry alliances. The Venrock endorsement adds value and increases visibility for the entrepreneur.

"It all comes down to people and honesty. We saw it in our meetings with them and when we did our due diligence. Their people are some of the best in the industry. Everyone's money is green; it all comes down to the people."
Evan Nisselson, CEO, Digital Railroad,

Venrock's Results

Since 1969, Venrock has developed into one of this country's premier venture capital firms with offices in Menlo Park, New York, Cambridge and Israel. Venrock continues the seven-decade Rockefeller tradition of funding entrepreneurs and establishing successful, enduring companies. We have invested $1.9 billion in approximately 400 companies over the past 38 years, resulting in 122 IPOs and 111 M&A exits. Venrock's returns place it among the top tier venture capital firms that have achieved consistently superior performance.

Venrock currently oversees 94 portfolio investments across the information technology, healthcare, and energy sectors and has been behind pioneers including Intel, Apple Computer, StrataCom, Check Point Software, and DoubleClick; Sirna Therapeutics, Centocor, Idec Pharmaceuticals, Sugen, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, and Illumina.

Why Venrock?

Because Venrock was founded in 1969 as the venture capital arm of the Rockefeller Family and we have $2 billion under management.

Because Venrock provides funding and services for entrepreneurs with breakthrough ideas in technology, healthcare, media and energy.

Because Venrock's entrepreneurs have charted new advancements in cancer and HIV treatments, powered semiconductors and the digital era, secured our information technology infrastructure, pioneered on-line advertising, delighted consumers and most recently, generating power through alternative means.

Because Venrock's 21 professionals currently back over 90 ventures out of offices in Menlo Park, New York City, Cambridge, and Israel.

Because we get it.

Become a Venrock company.

2494 Sand Hill Road
Suite 200
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Ventures West is one of Canada's largest privately owned venture capital companies. In addition to providing capital, we contribute a wealth of resources to each investment.

With 13 professional technology investment managers, and one of the largest Entrepreneur-In-Residence programs in Canada, the Ventures West team has over 140 years of technology venture investing and hands-on operating experience.

Ventures West has a unique set of capabilities-a long and successful track record in venture capital investing, management depth, extensive contacts in North American technology, financial, and venture capital industries, and the ability to form investor syndicates.

Suite 2500 - 1066 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 3X1
Versant Ventures is a leading healthcare-focused venture capital firm specializing in early-stage investments in medical devices, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, healthcare services, and healthcare information technology. The firm, founded in 1999, consists of a seasoned team of eleven managing directors with more than 115 years of venture capital investing experience and more than 145 years of operating experience.

Versant Ventures currently manages over $1 billion in committed capital having recently raised its third fund in November 2005, and is currently managing over 70 companies in its portfolio.

Versant is committed to transforming healthcare through innovation, and invests in all segments of healthcare including, medical devices, life sciences, healthcare services and healthcare information technology.

Within these segments, Versant seeks visionary companies, which target markets where the opportunity exists to make significant and dramatic clinical improvements. As, such, Versant invests in companies with compelling value propositions involving proprietary technology and/or defensible service models. These companies must have highly differentiated products or services that represent substantial innovation over existing practices.

While these investments are typically primarily in early stage companies, Versant has and will occasionally invest in later stage companies with the right attributes.

3000 Sand Hill Road
Bldg 4, Suite 210
Menlo Park, CA 94025
  (650) 233-7877
vSpring is a traditional early-stage venture capital firm with over $290 million of committed capital under management. Specifically, we target information technology and life sciences companies headquartered in the Intermountain West region. We look for companies with the potential to transform their markets and create lasting value. Our primary areas of focus include enterprise software, networking and communications, security software, Internet, mobile computing, drug discovery, drug delivery, diagnostics, and medical devices, all markets where the firm has deep experience.

Our strategy is to be the first investor in these companies and to provide a level of operational assistance that creates additional value. We take a labor-intensive, service-oriented approach by making early introductions to key customers and strategic partners and helping to recruit top executives and co-investors.

So what makes vSpring qualified to help? Experience. Collectively, the vSpring team has founded, served as senior officers or board members of over 75 companies. Combined, the directors have a history of successful company leadership and private equity investments that span over 60 years. As a result, our team has the resources, decision-making experience, and relationships to meet the demands of today's entrepreneurs.

2795 E. Cottonwood Pkwy.
Suite #360
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
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