The U.S. affiliate or Karl Storz Endoscopy, Karl Storz Endoscopy - America, Inc., was established in 1971 and is headquartered in Culver City, California.We manufacture endoscopes, instruments, imaging systems and electromechanical devices.

Culver City, California

Kendall-LTP offers a complete line of high quality medical products for the OR, Labor & Delivery, NICU, Cardiology, and more. In fact, Kendall-LTP has All of the Products you Need… and the Brand Names you Trust.

Chicopee, Massachusetts

Founded in 1976, KCI is a privately-held, Texas based corporation that manufactures, rents and sells specialty wound care surfaces and products worldwide.

San Antonio, Texas

Koreamedico is a manufacturer of wound dressing in south korea, happy to present our product used in hospitals. On the basis of hydrocel technology that have hemostasis, absorption, contour function, we are focused on surgical wound dressings and Non-Invasive Haemostasis Device. Such as Craniotomy, Burn, Laparoscopic, General dressing, hemostasis and absorption contour issue are raised, our Surgical wound dressing is useful. And after femoral or radial intervention our Non-Invasive Haemostasis Device is the cost-effective solution for vascular closure. we are dedicated to decreasing preventable death by providing the most effective and highest quality mission critical medical products to customers (military, law enforcement, EMS and pre-hospital life savers). Since 1999, we have manufactured product and researched the most innovative and cost-effective solutions.

alex kim
872-21ho hwakok-dong
seoul, Korea
We develop innovative medical devices using our proprietary balloon technology for orthopedic applications. The KyphX Inflatable Bone Tamp (IBT) is designed to assist in the management of fractures involving crushed or collapsed bone through fracture reduction and creation of a cavity in cancellous bone. Note: Kyphon was acquired by Medtronic, Inc. in November, 2007

Sunnyvale, California

Since 1983, we have been manufacturing nuclear counting instrumentation. We also make an innovative line of next generation decontamination products for hospital, nuclear pharmacy, research and industrial use. This line includes spray decontaminants, hand soap, and consumer care packs for I131 treated thyroid patients.

Scott Oesterlin
VP Sales & Marketing
43W900 Route 64
Maple Park, Illinois 60151
Lake Forest Anatomicals® offers a broad line of high-quality anatomical models, charts and related items for use in Research, Medical or Veterinary Medicine, including Cardiology, Orthopedics, OB/GYN and Maternal Care, Neurology, or Internal Medicine, as well as Rehab, Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Legal, Education, and related fields. Our Human Anatomy Models include the Heart, Liver, Kidney, Lung, Eye (Normal Cornea, or Cataract), Ear, Brain, Half Brain, Foot/Ankle, Hand/Wrist, Spinal Vertebrae L1-L2-L3, and Muscled Cervical to name a few. We carry the complete line of FULLY FUNCTIONAL SSM(tm) Bone Joint Models including the Knee, Hip, Elbow, Shoulder, Hand/Wrist and Foot/Ankle. We are proud to be the exclusive U.S. distributor of the AMI ® line of unique Cardio-vascular Procedural models for Cardiology and Interventional Cardiac Catheterization procedures. These anatomically accurate models are made of durable plastic (clear polycarbonate) or glass suitable for training of the novice practitioner or technician in Cardiac Cath or EP lab procedures, anatomical studies, research or professional practice. Stock glass or custom glass models are also available for research or industry. The popular "Angiogram Sam (tm)", "Venous Sam (tm)", "Pacemaker Pete (tm)" and new "Femoral Fred (tm)" iliac model are used worldwide professional training and education.

P.O. Box 503
Lake Forest, Illinois 60045
LifeLink Tissue Bank is currently looking for distributor partners to market our LifeGraft® spine line and traditional allograft tissue in areas throughout the United States. LifeGraft® is full line of cervical allografts. These allografts are machined to precise specifications and recovered and processed under aseptic conditions using among the most stringent donor criteria in the industry. LifeLink’s quality assurance is unsurpassed, with over 600,000 allografts implanted with no report of disease transmission. If you do not currently have an allograft line, by adding one to your portfolio of spinal products, you will have the opportunity to fulfill more of your surgeons’ spinal requirements. Many hospitals prefer “one stop shopping” and choose to work with companies with multiple lines of products.

8510 Sunstate Street
Tampa, FL 33634
For more than two decades, LifeScan has been committed to improving the quality of life for people with diabetes. LifeScan pioneered the modern era of blood glucose monitoring with the introduction of ONE TOUCH® technology. By eliminating wiping and timing procedures, ONE TOUCH Systems helped bring blood glucose testing out of the laboratory and into the hands of patients. Five years after incorporation, LifeScan joined the Johnson & Johnson family of companies in November 1986.

Milpitas, California

Linvatec is at the forefront of technology for a growing range of least-invasive and orthopaedic surgery procedures. Orthopaedic surgeons use Linvatec arthroscopic instruments for diagnostic purposes, for minor surgeries and complex reconstructions of knees, shoulders and small joints such as the wrist and ankle. Linvatec's Hall Surgical line of power surgical instruments are used for— oral/maxillofacial, otolaryngology, hand surgery, podiatry, thoracic surgery, and neurosurgery. Additionally, many procedures are supported by a variety of endoscopic and fiber optic products also made at Linvatec. Linvatec is a subsidiary of CONMED Corporation.

Largo, Florida

Lorenz Surgical is a subsidiary of Biomet Inc. We manufacture a complete range of craniomaxillofacial products, including LactoSorb®, the first completely resorbable fixation system available in the U.S. Other Lorenz products include titanium plates and screws for craniomaxillofacial fixation as well as a complete line of instruments for craniomaxillofacial and orthopedic procedures.

Jacksonville, Florida

LuMend, Inc. has developed novel catheter technology intended to facilitate the safe and reliable crossing of CTOs and subsequent placement of conventional guides wires across target stenotic lesions. John Simpson, M.D., Ph.D., and Matt Selmon, M.D., co-founded LuMend in 1996. Dr. Simpson is an internationally recognized pioneer of interventional cardiology. In addition to inventing many widely used technologies, he has founded numerous cardiology-related companies. He serves as Professor of Clinical Medicine at Stanford University and is a Staff Cardiologist at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City, Calif. Dr. Selmon is a practicing interventional cardiologist and recognized world leader in the treatment of chronic total occlusions. He has focused on research in percutaneous intervention for more than 19 years and has helped in the development of several pioneering technologies for interventional cardiology. Dr. Selmon has been in practice since 1984 as a partner with Dr. Simpson and currently is a Staff Cardiologist at Sequoia and Stanford Hospitals.

400 Chesapeake Drive
Redwood City, California 94063
  (877) 458-6363

Lumenis, Ltd. (NASDAQ: LUME) was formed through the union of ESC Medical Systems and Coherent Medical Group, the two pioneering companies in the laser and light-based industries. Emerging from this combination is the leading provider of laser and light-based systems that are used in the aesthetic, medical and ophthalmic markets.

Santa Clara, California

US based manufacturers of offloading solutions (total contact casting).

Andy Durban
VP Sales and Marketing
Mallinckrodt, Inc. Tyco Healthcare, based in St. Louis, Missouri, manufactures and markets medical products. Our mission is to improve healthcare for patients worldwide by providing superior products that sustain breathing, diagnose disease and relieve pain. We are committed to producing products that bring better healthcare to patients, more value to medical professionals, greater opportunity to employees, and increased earnings to reward Tyco shareholders.

Hazelwood, Missouri

MarginProbe Israel is the israeli branch of Dune Medical. MarginProbe enables breast cancer patients to receive better understanding of their condition through the FDA approved MarginProbe tool, which allows for margin assessments of cancerous tumors.

Marketing Manager
Alon Ha'Tavor 20
Cesarea, Israel 38900
Marly Skin USA LLC Marly Skin Guard™ is a totally unique skin barrier product that has been sold in Europe and Asia for over 25 years. Doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and their patients will all benefit from using Marly Skin Guard™.

Chris Hanson
VP Marketing, North America
1209 Orange Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
Masimo Corporation, founded in 1989, is the innovator and leader of motion and low perfusion tolerant pulse oximetry. Masimo develops, licenses and markets advanced medical signal processing technologies and products for the non-invasive monitoring of vital signs. Masimo Signal Extraction Technology represents a fundamental departure from conventional pulse oximetry technologies. Over 50 independent and objective, published studies have demonstrated that Masimo Signal Extraction Technology substantially overcomes the limitations of conventional pulse oximeters in accurately measuring arterial blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rates in the presence of patient movement and low perfusion. There are currently over 100 Masimo SET based devices, including multi-measurement monitors, defibrillators and infant incubators from leading international patient monitoring system providers, which make up over 60% of the world's pulse oximeter shipments. Leading group purchasing organizations such as AmeriNet, Broadlane and Premier, and HealthTrust Columbia, the largest hospital system in America, are offering their member hospitals the ability to gain access to Masimo SET technology at group purchasing discounted prices.

Irvine, California

Maxxim Medical, Inc. is a major diversified developer, manufacturer and marketer of specialty medical products such as custom procedure trays, medical gloves, interventional radiology and critical care products for use in acute and alternate care settings worldwide.

Waltham, Massachusetts

Mcure is a large OEM mfg from China with offices in City of Industry CA. We produce Branded bandages, gauzes, med tape, ortho supports and many other items. We are accepting aggressive independent sales reps to assist us in our expansion. Ideal candidates should possess proven track record and is capable of selling large volumes to OEM/non OEM customers. All areas available and international reps are encourages to participate. Very generous commission structure with long term commitment from us to sales reps.

Benson Mao
17800 Castleton Street #358
City of Industry, CA 91745
Our company manufactures waterproof, transparent, disposable dressings designed to protect vascular access sites, PICC lines and surgical sites from waterborne contamination when showering. We are looking for reps with an established base who currently sell into the following areas: Oncology, Infection Control, Infusion Centers, Out Patient Pharmacies, Acute Care, Surgical and Dialysis Centers.

Valerie Moore
Sales Manager
4676 N Powerline Road
Pompano Beach, FL 33073
Medex provides system solutions for the range of intensive care areas - surgical, medical, adult, pediatric and neonatal ICUs. Our monitoring and therapeutic systems follow the patient from OR to ICU to the general floor. Medex also offers a wide range of systems required for diagnostic and interventional procedures in the cardiac catheterization lab and imaging departments, and a complete anaesthesia/respiratory gas delivery product line.

Dublin, Ohio

Medi-Flex, Inc. was founded in 1985 as a leveraged buy-out of Marion Laboratories in Kansas City. It was at Marion that our two original antiseptic hospital products, the Frepp® and the Sepp®, were created. In addition, Medi-Flex inherited from Marion a commitment to superior service, a genuine care for our customers, and a drive to create quality healthcare products. Medi-Flex has developed a strong presence in the intravenous therapy market thanks to our emphasis on excellence and customer care.

Overland Park, Kansas

At Medic Shoes™ we specialize in uniquely designed comfort shoes that function on a battery-powered, remote-controlled, variable-strength foot massage that has been clinically proven to increase blood flow and decrease foot pain. Medic Shoes is scheduled to receive CE/FDA Certification by May 2015. Medic Shoes offers a non-pharmaceutical addition to conventional drug therapy, alleviating the symptoms of poor peripheral circulation. Based on the principles of acupressure and reflexology, Medic Shoes have demonstrated their effectiveness in research conducted by cardiologists: wearing Medic Shoes for 15-30 minutes a day led to a statistically significant positive impact on patients with diabetes or peripheral vascular disease. In a clinical study conducted in diabetes subjects the medic shoes have shown a notable decrease in foot pain, tingling, cramping, and numbness. We are currently seeking distributors for our product nationwide. At this time, we are looking ahead to establish relations with parties that have demonstrated their interest to become distributors of Medic Shoe™ in relevant territories.

5737 Kanan Rd # 230
Agoura Hills, CA 91301 USA
  1 818 337 6767
Medic Shoe™ offers a clinically-proven non-medical alternative to conventional drug therapy, alleviating the symptoms of poor peripheral circulation. Based on the principles of acupressure and reflexology, Medic Shoe™ delivers both relief from peripheral neuropathy and measurable peripheral hemodynamic improvement. Medic Shoe™ has been proven effective in clinical trials conducted by well-known cardiologists. For both subjective and objective parameters, Medic shoe demonstrated significant positive impact on the study subjects. Notably, patients with Diabetes or Peripheral Vascular Disease that used Medic Shoe for 15-30 minutes a day during the course of one month enjoyed: -- Significant alleviation of foot pain, tingling, and nighttime pain waking -- Notable rise in stroke volume, stroke index, cardiac output, and cardiac index -- Marked overall improvement in total peripheral resistance (TPR)

Guy Idan
V.P. Marketing
41 Y.L. Gordon Street
Tel Aviv, Israel
MedicalCV, Inc. is a Minnesota-based cardiothoracic surgery device manufacturer that launched its Omnicarbon® heart valve in the United States in early 2002. Led by a new management team, the company is focused on building a worldwide market in mechanical heart valves and other innovative products for the cardiothoracic surgical suite which reduce the incidence and severity of stroke and congestive heart failure. The Omnicarbon heart valve has an established market position in a number of key regions of Europe, South Asia, the Middle East and the Far East. Although international markets will continue to play an important role in the company's results, the U.S. market offers tremendous growth potential for the company's products. In September 2003, the company acquired a technology platform for the treatment of atrial fibrillation, an exciting new growth opportunity. In addition, the company entered into an agreement with Segmed, Inc., to commercialize an annuloplasty product known as the Northrup Universal Annuloplasty System(TM). medicalcv has a fully integrated manufacturing facility, where it designs, tests and manufactures its products.

9725 South Robert Trail
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota 55077
  (800) 328-2060

We are manufacturing medical devices in Korea. We are very specialized in producing a health care device for detecting Autonomic Nerve System function and analyzing the peripheral blood circulation disorder. It will help you check the general health status by monitoring your ANS and blood circulation at the same time. It can be used at hospital, fitness club, drugstore and any office to check the people's health. It is non-invasive and no risk, so you feel comfortable to measure the health. It is used with a finger probe and takes only 3 minutes for ANS and aging of arteries. We have FDA approval in USA, SFDA in China, and CE in EU and for more details, you can visit our website or send us an e-mail.

Swiss based company: manufacturer, developer and marketer of Interventional Cardiology & Radiology products, offering unique Vulnerable Plaque Identification Thermography system, Stents, PTCA & PTA balloons and guidewires.

Bahnhfstrasse 11
Zug, Switzerland CH 6301
Manufactuer and distributor of: MEDOROUX oxygen concentrator MEDOROUX HEARING AIDS MEDOROUX SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS

11 Regency Parade
London, United Kingdom NW3 5EG
  0044 207 483 3177
Medrad, Inc. is a worldwide leading provider of medical devices and services that enable and enhance imaging procedures of the human body. Used in diagnostic and therapeutic imaging, Medrad's product offerings include a comprehensive line of vascular injection systems, magnetic resonance (MR) surface coils and accessory products. Total 2001 revenues were over $217 million. The company is headquartered near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in Indianola. Medrad is a U.S. affiliate of Schering AG, Germany

Indianola, Pennsylvania

Medtronic MiniMed is a world leader in insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring. Our first insulin pump, the Model 502, was introduced in July of 1983.

Northridge, California

Medtronic, Inc. Medtronic is the world's leading medical technology company, providing lifelong solutions for people with chronic disease. With deep roots in the treatment of heart disease, Medtronic now provides a wide range of products and therapies - every 5 seconds, another life is improved by a Medtronic product or therapy. Its businesses include Cardiac Rythmn Disease Management, CardioVascular, Diabetes, ENT/NT, ERS, Neuromodulation, Spinal and Navigation.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Medusa Medical Technologies Inc., located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was incorporated in 1988 to improve pre-hospital emergency data capture, improve emergency medical staff effectiveness in patient care encounters and ultimately lead to better pre-hospital emergency treatment protocols. The Siren ePCR(TM) Suite is an electronic patient care reporting and data management system. Using a unique finger touch-screen interface and software, the system is designed to make data recording easy for the paramedic.

Suite 701, 1888 Brunswick St.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA B3J 3J8

Mentor Corporation Founded in 1969, Mentor Corporation is a leading supplier of medical products for the global healthcare market. The Company develops, manufactures and markets innovative, science-based products for the aesthetics, urologic specialties and clinical and consumer healthcare markets around the world. The Company's Aesthetics franchise includes prosthetic mammary implants for breast augmentation and reconstruction, and lipoplasty products for body contouring. Mentor's Urologic Specialties franchise includes surgical slings for the treatment of urinary stress incontinence, brachytherapy seeds for the treatment of prostate cancer, prosthetic implants for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and disposable surgical urology implants. The Company's Clinical and Consumer Healthcare franchise includes catheters and other products for the management of urinary incontinence and retention. Mentor employs approximately 2,000 people around the world and is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, with manufacturing and research operations in the United States, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

201 Mentor Drive
Santa Barbara, California 93111
  (805) 879-6000

Merit Medical Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of over 2000 product variations used in diagnostic and interventional cardiology and radiology procedures. Its primary products consist of inflation devices used in angioplasty, stent placement and discography; diagnostic and therapeutic catheters used for various procedures in cardiology and radiology; guide wires used to place balloon angioplasty catheters within a patient's coronary arteries; products used to manage and monitor the administration of contrast and other fluid solutions during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures; thrombolytic catheters and fluid dispensing systems; angiography accessories; standard and custom angiography kits and products for wound irrigation.

South Jordan, Utah

MGRM Technologies LLC is a manufacturing company for orthopedic products and devices. Offices located in NY.

Nick Konsta
20 Broad Street
New York, NY 10005
Micro Therapeutics, Inc. (MTI) develops, manufactures and markets minimally invasive devices for the treatment of neuro and peripheral vascular diseases. It entered the medical device industry on June 11, 1993 and shortly thereafter launched a single, minimally invasive device for the treatment of blood clots. Today, MTI’s product portfolio includes more than 120 medical devices serving the neuro vascular access and delivery markets (micro catheters, balloons and guidewires) and the peripheral vascular blood clot therapy market (infusion catheters, infusion wires and thrombolytic brushes). The centerpiece of MTI’s product portfolio is the Onyx™ Liquid Embolic System (Onyx LES™). Onyx is already approved for commercialization in Europe for the treatment of aneurysms, neuro arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), brain tumors and certain peripheral vascular applications. These expected physician and patient benefits reflect MTI’s core philosophy for patient care.

2 Goodyear
Irvine, California 92618

MicroVention, Inc. MicroVention, Inc. is a privately held medical-device company dedicated to the development and commercialization of new catheter-based technologies for the endovascular treatment of peripheral and cerebral vascular diseases. The company has received 510(k) clearance and CE Mark for both its MicroPlex Coil System and the HydroCoil Embolization System to treat cerebral aneurysms. MicroVention sells its products through its direct sales force in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom and through distributors in various other countries.

75 Columbia, Ste. A
Aliso Viejo, California 92656

Midmark® Diagnostics Group is a leading medical technology innovator that offers digital diagnostic medical devices through its IQmark™ product line. By incorporating Microsoft’s ActiveX® Controls for Healthcare software into its products, Midmark Diagnostics Group allows direct acquisition of resting ECG, Holter, and diagnostic Spirometry data into Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. This technology has enabled Midmark Diagnostics to create partnerships with over 80 EMR companies, providing them with the tools required to integrate IQmark products into their applications. The IQmark product line enables the physician to select their test environment – test results can be stored in a local stand-alone computer, a central network or an advanced SQL Server database for record keeping, future viewing or editing - with or without an EMR system. The products can also operate in various Windows environments including desktop computers, laptops, PDAs, Tablets and even Thin Client terminals.

3300 Fujita Street
Torrance, California 90505
  (800) 624-8950
Minnesota Medical Development, Inc. Minnesota Medical Development, Inc. (MMDI) was established in 2001 and is based in Plymouth, MN. MMDI’s focused objective is to identify, develop, manufacture and market unique medical devices that provide significant clinical benefits and market opportunities. MMDI will also explore potential strategic alliances for licensing, product distribution or acquisition.

14305 21st Avenue North, Suite 100
Plymouth, Minnesota 55447

Minnow is a privately held company developing cost-effective catheter-based solutions to significant vascular problems that are not readily treated by stenting; such as diffuse disease, vulnerable plaque, tortuous or small diameter arteries, artery bifurcations, and peripheral artery disease.

San Diego, California
Miravant Medical Technologies specializes in pharmaceuticals and devices for photoselective medicine, developing its proprietary PhotoPoint photodynamic therapy (PDT) for large potential markets in ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiovascular disease and oncology. PhotoPoint PDT uses photoreactive (light-activated) drugs to selectively target diseased cells and blood vessels.

336 Bollay Drive
Santa Barbara, California 93117

US/Canada distributor for SANO LIFTKAR PT portable, powered stairclimbers for individuals needing assistance maneuvering stairs. One model attaches to wheelchairs, another offers a built in seat.

Garrett Gerst
375 Winkler Dr, Ste E
Alpharetta, GA 30004
Myconostica Ltd develops and supplies molecular diagnostic products to aid rapid and accurate diagnosis of life threatening invasive fungal infections. Myconostica have used advances in molecular techniques such as real time PCR to develop a range of assays for the rapid, accurate and sensitive detection of fungi such as Aspergillus spp and Pneumocystis. Evidence shows that an early diagnosis of invasive fungal infection significantly improves the chance of survival. Tests provided by Myconostica will aim to allow healthcare professionals to rapidly identify those patients infected by invasive fungal pathogens thus enabling clinicians to prescribe appropriate drug therapy. Early identification of disease reduces the hospitalisation and treatment costs associated with invasive fungal disease.

South Court, Sharston Road
Manchester, United Kingdom M22 4SN
  +44161 998 7239
The MyStem project is a collaboration between advanced research on adult stem cells, the only source without any ethical and moral controversies, and the medical device industry. The result is a product that makes possible what so many have imagined... Therapeutic amounts of autologous stem cells available when needed, to enhance the regenerative capacity of each biomaterial. MyStem...the future, today.

Via Sparano 29
Bari, Italy 70128
Nano Therapeutics Pvt Ltd is a leading enterprise promoted by industry's renowned and experienced professionals with a relentless zest to provide improved & safe therapies through application of Nano Science. We are specialized in Design, development, Manufacture & Supply of Vascular Stents, Stent System & Support Device/s. We have the following range of products: Coronary Stent System: Flexia® Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent System (Indian FDA approved & CE marked product). Xperia TM Stainless Steel Coronary Stent System (Indian FDA approved & CE marked product). Superia TM Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System. (Indian FDA approved & CE marked product). Eternia ® Everolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System. (Indian FDA approved product) Peripheral Stent System: Periflex Cobalt Chromium Peripheral Stent System. (Indian FDA approved product) Curatis Cobalt Chromium Renal and Biliary Stent System. (Indian FDA approved product) Drug Eluting Balloon: Curex Paclitaxel eluting Balloon Dilatation Catheter (PTCA & PTA). (Indian FDA approved product) Thrombus Aspiration Catheter: Xpirator Thrombus Aspiration Catheter. (Indian FDA approved product) Nano Therapeutics aims to transform itself into a global Medical Device company with an increasing focus on cutting-edge research and development based on application of Nano science.

Ms. Umme
Manager Business Development
D54/2, Hojiwala Industrial Estate
Surat, India 394 230
Manufacturer of an easy to use and discreet nasal insert, Nasal Valve Support(TM), that is positioned inside the nostril by the user and helps the user to breathe through the nose comfortably, without a need for surgery or medication. Due to changes of the contours of the nose, there is a potential for cosmetic improvement. Insurance, including medicare, has reimbursed for the Nasal Valve Support(TM). For more details, please see our website

Steve Rezakhany
Sales/Marketing Director
650 S Winchester Blvd Suite 205
San Jose, CA 95128
Founded in 2011, Nature Stress Relief is based in New Zealand and is a niche publisher of pure nature DVDs. Nature Stress Relief DVDs are designed as a content solution for patient waiting rooms and patient bedside terminals. Our DVDs are designed to promote a restful atmosphere to reduce patient stress and promote recuperation. We offer generous commissions for reps. Our product requires no training, little demonstration and is an easy up-sell during your visit to medical professionals.

Cesar and Lara Iriarte
Molesworth Drive, Mangawhai
Kaipara, New Zealand 0505
Made in the USA PPE, Covid-19 tests and sanitizers

Eric Becktel
6-b Culnen Drive
Branchburg, NJ 08876
Nektar Therapeutics (NASDAQ:NKTR) provides a portfolio of leading drug delivery solutions that enable the development of high-value pharmaceutical products. Formed through the fusion of Inhale Therapeutic Systems, Shearwater, and Bradford Particle Design, our company offers a suite of leading drug delivery technologies that encompasses molecule engineering including advanced pegylation, particle engineering comprising both pulmonary particle technology and supercritical fluid technology (SCF), and advanced drug delivery solutions for oral, injectable, and pulmonary administration.

San Carlos, California

In 1981 Nellcor began as a small company in Hayward, California, across the bay from the Stanford Medical Center and not far from Silicon Valley. The company founders sought to develop a clinically viable pulse oximeter to improve patient safety during anesthesia. Experimentation with oximetry, a method for determining blood oxygenation using spectrophotometry, dates back to the 1940s. Merging medical science and technology, Nellcor pioneered pulse oximetry as we know it today and rapidly gained prominence as the worldwide leader in pulse oximetry products.As a result of strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, Nellcor now offers a multitude of medical products with an emphasis on patient safety and respiratory care. A major milestone in the company’s history occurred in 1995 when Nellcor acquired Puritan-Bennett, a leading producer of ventilators, oxygen therapy, sleep diagnostics and other respiratory-related products. Renamed Nellcor Puritan Bennett, the company was purchased in 1997 by Mallinckrodt Inc., a multibillion dollar medical products company specializing in respiratory care, diagnostic imaging and analgesic pharmaceuticals. In 2000, Tyco International Ltd. acquired Mallinckrodt and established Nellcor and Puritan Bennett as separate businesses under the Tyco Healthcare umbrella. Through this reorganization, Puritan Bennett markets its original product lines and manages its own sales force.

Pleasanton, California

Enteral delivery systems, Pharmacy and Enteral Syringes, Breastmilk tracking technology, Neonatal Kits

100 Londonderry Ct., Suite 112
Woodstock, GA 30188
NeuroSystems, LLC NeuroSystems is the leader in multimodality neuromonitoring. Our mission is to develop and market innovative monitoring systems that enable improved management of traumatic brain injury and cerebrovascular disease. The NeuroSystems team comprises neuromonitoring industry veterans and technologists from the fields of mathematics, real-time analytics and sensor technology. The management team includes one of the founders of Camino Laboratories, co-inventor of the first combined CBF/ICP monitor. This combination of experience and technology has enabled the company to move beyond simple single-parameter monitors to true multimodal monitoring systems that provide clinicians with the right information at the right time to improve management of brain injury and CVD. The company's first product, NeuroSystems 1, based upon the original designs of Rick Cataldo and Sean Maher, was cleared for marketing by the FDA in May, 2005.

Berkeley, California

NOMOS® is a leading supplier of advanced radiation therapy solutions in the fight against cancer. NOMOS continually strives to develop and introduce superior technology to support radiation therapy. NOMOS has established a worldwide standard of care and is recognized as being at the forefront of technology, product design and development. In May 2004, NOMOS was acquired by North American Scientific, and is now the NOMOS Radiation Oncology division of North American Scientific.

PACS products made in the USA. nuCore offers a diversified selection of PACS products that fit multiple markets at a fraction of the price of major competitors. The product has been in the market for over 15 years and is stable, robust and reliable. If you call on small and medium size hospitals, orthopedic centers, surgery centers, chiropractors and/or vets, we have a solution that will round out your product offering.

PO Box 12835
Olympia, WA 98508
Olive Medical specializes in manufacturing and distributing affordable CMOS, native HD 1080p endoscopic visualization equipment. Whether our customer needs to purchase just a camera system, or an entire endoscopic tower, Olive Medical offers a complete line of products that fulfills those needs. Olive Medical pursues cutting edge design in order to provide new and innovative surgical visualization equipment.

Joshua Talbert
Chief Executive Officer
2302 S Presidents Dr. Ste. D
Salt Lake City, UT 84120
OmniCorder Technologies is headquartered in East Setauket, NY. It is the leading developer of medical imaging applications using advanced infrared focal plane arrays. OmniCorder provides imaging technology for clinicians and researchers for drug discovery, disease detection and disease management applications. OmniCorder's mission is to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare services and research through identifying, acquiring and adapting military and aerospace technology for biomedical applications.

12-8 Technology Drive
East Setauket, New Jersey 11733

Ophthalmic Imaging Systems, a majority-owned subsidiary of MediVision Medical Imaging Ltd., is a leading provider of ophthalmic digital imaging systems. The Company designs, develops, manufactures and markets digital imaging systems for the eye care market. With over nineteen years in the ophthalmic imaging business, OIS has consistently introduced new, innovative technology. OIS, together with MediVision, co-market and support their products worldwide through an extensive network of dealers, distributors, and direct representatives.

221 Lathrop Way, Suite I
Sacramento, California 95815

OptiMed, based in Ettlingen/Germany, was founded in 1995. The company is engaged in the research and development, production and global distribution of medical products "Made in Germany" for minimal invasive therapy. Optimed employs more than 100 people in its Administration Center and 2 production sites in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe. As OptiMed continuously invests in the research, development and production of the products of tomorrow, we are the ideal partner for innovative medical practitioners working in the field of minimal invasive therapy, specifically in Interventional radiology, neuroradiology, Cardiology, Vascular interventions, Urology, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics and traumatology.

Ferdinand-Porsche-Strasse 11
Ettlingen, Germany D-76275
  +49(0)72 43/76 33-0
Opus Medical, Inc. is a privately held medical device company that designs, manufactures and markets soft tissue-to-bone and tissue-to-tissue repair systems. The company was founded in 1999 and is focused on leading the transformation of traditional shoulder repair procedures by applying advanced technology through minimally invasive techniques. Future development platforms will include repair of the glenoid, ACL and meniscal repair of the knee.

27127 Calle Arroyo Suite 1924
San Juan Capistrano, California 92675

Orthovita, Inc. Orthovita is a biomaterials company with proprietary technologies applied to the development of BioStructures, synthetic biologically active tissue engineering products for restoration of the human skeleton. Our focus is on developing novel products for use in spine surgery and in the repair of osteoporotic fractures. We are also addressing a broad range of clinical needs in the trauma market.

Malvern, Pennsylvania

OSNovation Systems, Inc. develops and manufactures a new class of super-advanced wound dressings based on feedback-driven Self-Adaptive Wound Care Technology.

Oleg Siniaguine
500 Laurelwood Rd, Ste 1
Santa Clara, CA 95054
  (888) 519-2297
Established in 1991, OSTEOMED CORPORATION is an American medical products manufacturer and supplier which develops and markets high-end medical devices and surgical implants on a global scale. Our 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility and world headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. The OSTEOMED CORPORATION is positioned as THE company for small bone reconstruction by manufacturing state-of-the-art products for the Oral Maxillofacial, Neurosurgery, Plastic & Reconstructive, Otolaryngology, Orthopedic and Dental Surgical markets.

Addison, Texas

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